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Clients visit me – Luisa Zhao
By Luisa Zhou, How to Attract Customers Online Using Social Media in 2022

How do you promote your coaching business online without sounding aggressive or salesy? I am aware of how irritating and overwhelming it might feel.


I’ve now assisted over 1,000 new coaches in starting their own coaching businesses and making the transition from employee to entrepreneur. As a result, I am aware of the best practices, and I will demonstrate them for you in the following video.




Tip #1: Location, Location, Location Makes Clients Come To Me

Let’s now discuss point #1, which is WHERE you are promoting on social media. Even while this may seem obvious, you’d be amazed at how many rookie coaches overlook it. This is so that you can advertise there instead of where YOU like to advertise—where your ideal clientele hang out!


For instance, if you’re a career coach, you should be on LinkedIn; if you’re a college admissions coach, you should be on those online discussion boards where parents congregate to discuss schools; and if you’re a health coach, Facebook groups are a terrific place to locate your customers.


It all comes down to figuring out where your clientele hang out. Otherwise, people won’t be able to see your stuff, no matter how fantastic it is!


After we’ve addressed that, let’s talk about your CONTENT.


Second Tip: THE ENGAGEMENT FORMULA: Clients Approach Me

The engagement formula in tip #2 is something I’ve been utilizing ever since I started my company and something I advise all of my students to adopt as well.


You can’t just publish some stuff and hope for feedback.


Everyone is busy and is involved in a variety of activities, just like you are. So it’s likely you’ll hear crickets if you just write some random material.


If you’ve ever experienced that, please comment below! that despite your excellent work, no one is responding to you!


However, this engagement formula will seize their interest, hold it, and make it simple for them to interact with you.


And that equation is…


Value + Call to Action + Attention


I’ll show you one of my sample postings right here.


Always begin with a heading that will draw readers in. This could be a query, a joke, a tale, or an unexpected fact.


It should then transition into the value you sought to convey during your training once you have their attention. Share it in a clear, basic manner after which


Your essay should close with a suggestion for the reader to act.


Answering this question, responding, and sharing your thoughts are all straightforward options. You could even just go ahead and carry out this particular action. Something to aid in recalling what you just said.


This effective method keeps your material straightforward and captivating. Given how busy everyone is these days and how short our attention spans are, this is extremely crucial. If you use this formula, your social media presence will be lot more distinctive.


Third Tip: Use Relationship Boosters to Attract Clients

The next piece of advice I have for you is to use social media to build genuine connections. Don’t join a forum, post, and then expect strangers to suddenly become interested in what you have to say.


In social media, connection is everything.


There are many enjoyable ways to accomplish this, such as enjoyable icebreaker games like two truths and a lie. when you provide three claims, one of which is false, and ask listeners to identify the false statement.


One of my highest engagement prompts ever was something I once asked my students to complete.


Or by posing private queries, such as the one best-selling author Gretchen Rubin did when she asked her audience what they preferred.


As a result, when you start talking about your content and offer, people will be much more intrigued since they will be thinking, “Oh yes, I know you a bit, okay let me read what you’re talking about.”


Customers Approach Me – Tip #4: BE TARGETED

Finally, you want to make sure that all of your focus isn’t squandered once you’ve started to develop relationships and engagement as a result of applying these tactics.


This means that you should only provide material that is relevant to your business when using the engagement formula we just discussed so that people can clearly understand how you can help them.


That entails getting in touch and responding to inquiries about your area of expertise.


looking up terms associated with what you do to help you concentrate.


Naturally, you should ensure that the content you share utilizing the engagement formula highlights your subject-matter knowledge.


Remember that quality matters more than quantity.


In comparison to attempting to write numerous pieces for them merely for the purpose of producing numerous posts for them, if you are targeted and are concentrating on developing genuine relationships, that will help you get your first or next client MUCH faster.


For instance, I noticed someone asking questions about Facebook advertisements when I was just starting out with my first online coaching business a few years back. I was doing digital advertising consulting at the time because that was what I was doing at work. So I messaged her and said, “Hey, this is what I do for a living; if you’re open to helping me with some market research, I’d be happy to answer your questions.”


I wasn’t attempting to sell her anything; instead, I was merely attempting to make a connection and comprehend my market. I therefore provided a lot of value and established a genuine relationship, and as a result, she really asked ME how she could hire me.


And in just two weeks, I had my first paying client.


So those are my top recommendations for attracting coaching clients through social media. And I’m confident that you’ll find these suggestions to be very effective. And now for the even better part…


I have another video that discusses how to acquire your first paying coaching customer in detail. I’m going to outline the key tactic that over a thousand of my students have used to quickly and successfully land their first paying coaching clients. So be sure to look it over if you want to start making the impact you know you’re meant to make and acquire your first paid coaching client SOON.





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