Luke Fitzgerald - The Life Charms Academy
Luke Fitzgerald – The Life Charms Academy
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Luke Fitzgerald – The Life Charms Academy



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We were able to feed thousands of people and provide money to so many people in our 18 months in Bali… yet it wasn’t enough.

More people are hungry now than ever before, and there are more people without money than ever before.


The issue is not one of food or money. The problem was that people lacked the ability to create for themselves without relying on others.


This is why the Academy was established in the first place. It was established for anyone who wants to achieve more in life by doing, giving, and being more. For individuals who recognize that they have the power to live the life they want.


And let’s not forget that it all began because we were in Bali. So this is dedicated to the people of Bali, where my spirit was transformed.





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