Magic Leone - Silent Seduction
Magic Leone – Silent Seduction
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Magic Leone – Silent Seduction



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Here’s What You Can Expect To Get…

1) The System of Magic’s Four Levels

2) Bonus: Speed Guide to Silent Seduction

3) Bonus: Pleasure Map of Silent Seduction

Craig Miller – Magic Places to Meet Women (Bonus)

5) Bonus: Blueprint for a Sex Cave

6) Craig Miller – 27 Sex Signals Bonus

7) Bonus: Craig Miller’s Inner Circle for 2 Weeks


This approach is intended to teach guys how to woo women using silence as the quickest path to sex and her heart. It uses subtle body-touching techniques to induce near-orgasm levels of pleasure and desire in a woman.


Download Magic Leone – Seduce in Silence right now.

In addition, the system explains:


Why does it turn ladies on so quickly?

Why does it work for the majority of men who try it?

How to utilize it to entice a woman you know into bed


The following are some of the extras:


Speed Guide to Silent Seduction

Map of Pleasure

Underground Hotspots for Hookups

Blueprint for a Sex Cave

She Wants to Fuck You in 27 Ways








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