Mandy Morris - Authentic Creation Program
Mandy Morris – Authentic Creation Program
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Mandy Morris – Authentic Creation Program



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Week 1 of this program is dedicated to alignment.
I’ll show you how to identify your life’s current “patterns” and choose which ones to keep and discard them. so that you can more easily and quickly produce the desired results.

When should you flee from something? Or should you charge it head-on? You’ll learn this from me.

I’ll demonstrate to you the truth about the programming you received as a child and whether it still affects your performance today.

And a lot more…


Second week: Picking your own truth

I’ll walk you through the process of discovering your own truth and show you how to channel your energy into realizing your objectives.

I’ll show you how to deal with the emotion of worrying excessively about what other people think so you can create a more conducive environment for manifestations to take place.

In order to be a vibrational match for whatever you want, I will show you how to tune yourself to the frequency you want (and are).

I’ll teach you how to embrace your “authenticity” so that you can attract the proper experiences and people to assist you achieve where you want to go.

And a lot more…


Weekly Reel for Week Three

I’ll show you how to avoid the problem known as the “manifestation contradiction,” which prevents many individuals from getting the outcomes they want when they have desires but also put out contradictory energy.

I will teach you how to identify “your winning idea,” which supports your true self (and the life you desire).

I’ll let you in on vital subjects that “manifestation experts” rarely discuss, such as “the truth about patience and manifestation” and “the truth about fear and manifestation.”

I’ll show you how to reprogram your mind to strengthen and happier you (and to write new beliefs).

And a lot more…


Increasing Your Vibration in Week 4

I’ll show you how to increase the outcomes you produce in life by using the ideas of “intention & time.”

To stop accidents from happening to you, I will teach you how to apply a method I call “Perception Shift.”

I’ll reveal the foolproof method to tenfold your vibration (hint: huge piece of this is not just about thinking about what you want).

I’ll provide you with a list of workouts and practical tasks that not only raise your vibration but also “keep” it.

And a lot more…




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