Mariah Coz - Accelerator Program
Mariah Coz – Accelerator Program
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Mariah Coz – Accelerator Program



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What is Mariah Coz’s Accelerator program?

I’ll borrow from Mariah to explain it.

“The Accelerator is a “do it together” program where we:

  • Create your dynamic online course content
  • Launch your course with the most up to date strategies
  • Create and build an automated evergreen sales funnel for your course

You’ll be in a group with other high caliber creators, doers and entrepreneurs who want to create and launch a unique online course that actually changes lives.”

Basically, it’s for people who want to build an online course and get feedback and support from the experts in online course building.




Here’s What’s Included:

  • The Accelerator program includes access to all of our premium programs, content, templates and trainings in addition to weekly coaching, personal feedback on your work, and incredible support.
  • Launch Your Signature Course®
  • Our best-selling signature course creation and launching program is the most comprehensive guide to creating and selling your own courses – taking you from no experience to launching your own signature, premium, and professional course. First you’ll validate and pre-sell your course, then you’ll create course content and curriculum that gets students results, then you will learn how to launch your course with the most up to date strategies working now. You’ll use these templates, tools and trainings over and over again as you launch future courses and improve your re-launches over time.
  • Evergreen Engines™
  • Right after you launch your signature course, it’s time to turn it on evergreen with an automated sales funnel so you can bring in sales every day, year round, on autopilot. I’ll show you how to take the assets you’ve already created (like your emails, sales pages, etc) and build the evergreen funnel systems for consistent course sales, even when you’re not launching.
  • Webinar Rockstar®
  • Webinars are the fastest way to grow your email list and your revenue. You’ll learn how to create ‘course sales on demand’ and a cash injection anytime you want by hosting high-value, effective webinars. Master the art and science of joint venture partner webinars to grow your business faster than ever with the power of affiliate webinars.
  • Plus the support, coaching, and advanced training you won’t get ANYWHERE else!
  • Weekly Group Q&A Calls with Mariah
  • Get coaching and get your questions answered by Mariah directly in these weekly exclusive Group Coaching
  • Calls only available to Accelerator clients. Bring your questions or struggles and we will strategize, talk mindset, and overcome any challenges you are experiencing.
  • Weekly Critique Calls with our Coaches
  • Get access to weekly Group Critique Calls where you can submit something for 1:1 feedback in a group setting – such as your sales page, webinar, email copy, regisration page, content ideas, funnel pages, etc.! These are insanely valuable and the best way to get personal feedback on your work.
  • Map Your Model Planning System
  • This is our signature Annual and Quarterly Planning System for Course Creators. Design your revenue and income streams, plan out your course sales and audience growth, and get major clarity on exactly what you should be working on and when, with our system for choosing only High-ROI activities.
  • Perfect Product Suite
  • This advanced training is only available in The Accelerator. Creating a strategic, intentional product suite is the key to scaling your course business. You will design your ideal Product Suite of offers, understand how they connect and interact, and how to leverage different offers for maximum profitability while serving your best students at the highest level. We work closely with our Accelerator clients to make sure their product suite is strategic for their unique business.




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