Mariah Coz - Your First 1K 2022
Mariah Coz – Your First 1K 2022
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Mariah Coz – Your First 1K 2022



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WEEK 1: Choose Your Digital Product & Create a Simple Sales Page

Choose from 7 kinds of digital products that are a good match for your strengths and is easy to develop and sell. Decide on your ideal price for your digital item. Create simple sales pages which highlights the value of your digital product by using our template and outline . our fill in the blank simple sales page copy template to make creating your sales pages quick and effortless!

WEEK 2: Write Your Launch Promo Emails and Promo Posts

Create powerful promotional emails to promote your digital product launch using the templates we provide and our scripts.. Create promotional posts on your social media channels to advertise your digital product. Get ready for your digital launch. It comes with our fill-in-the-blank Launch Email Sequence Template to help you compose your promotional emails as well as social media posts easily

WEEK 3: Launch Your Digital Product

It’s the time to present your digital product or service to your customers! Start by opening the cart, then send your emails, publish confidently, and greet the first customers to your launch. You’ve have taken a big step forward in your online business This includes our day-by-day Launch Calendar, tracking tool and checklists to help ensure you’re on the right course

WEEK 4: Deliver Your Digital Product

Depending on the kind of digital product delivery depending on the type of digital product to new customers (either the form of a video, printable, template, or tool) You’ll get early feedback from your initial customers for social proof . for the possibility of making your digital product. It includes our Customer Survey template and the why you did not Buy survey examples

WEEK 5: Set Up & Publish Your Simple Evergreen Funnel

Create the most simple one-page funnel to promote your digital product all year round. Utilize our templates that are strategic and layouts for pages to create an ideal funnel page. track your opt-ins as well as sales to improve your metrics. includes some examples of the pages of your funnel that make sales as well as our metric tracking tool.

List Building Blitz & Foundations: Attract Email Subscribers

Optimize your website to build lists using the most basic strategies. Set up an easy, high-value lead magnet that will attract an appropriate audience. Upgrades that transform the content you publish into lists-building tools. Collaborations and the growth of relationships with your audience (Guest posting, being recognized in a magazine, and much many more) Viral list-building Make an online giveaway that will grow your following and much more! Bonus: Discover Your Niche Mini-CourseOur classic ‘Find Your Niche’ training will prepare you for success when you’re only beginning to determine who you can help. Find your ideal area that brings together your expertise and interests into a clear subject matter that you can build the following community around.Pay in Full and receive a bonus Flash Sale TemplateYou can create a simple email-based, four-day Flash Sale anytime you desire to boost your business. You can pay in full and receive our four-day Flash Sale email templates you can use whenever that you desire.Pay in Full and receive a bonus 17 Topics for Content that are Evergreen Mini CourseNever be stuck for content ideas ever again! In this mini-course that spans 17 parts as well as a template pack, we’re offering you 17 evergreen subjects and topics for content you can utilize for social media posts, blog posts podcasts, videos, emails to your followers.

There will be no shortage of ideas for what to send to your subscribers by using this incredible source! This is a pay-in full bonus. 12 months of support in The Community of Your First 1K(r) Community and Monthly Group CallsWhen joining Your First 1K(r), you’re connecting to a built-in network of collaborators who could be yours and guest posting opportunities, business friends, and many more. Numerous business connections or partnerships, as well as the most trusted friends meet within our community! We host an ongoing Q&A forum in the group , where you can reach out to our team with questions, in addition to the regular peer support.We also have an annual group call to allow you to ask questions while you are implementing the strategies. Launch and sustain your own Digital Product with Your First 1K(r)Join today and receive $500 off your regular enrollment! FULL (SAVE an additional $500! )Instant access to the 1K(r) Your first 1K(r) Content and Curriculum Calendar and Templates as well as Resources. The private Client Group monthly Group Call 12 Months Access the Community, the Course, and CallsEverything you’ll need to build your list of email subscribers and create a smaller evergreen digital item. in FULL BONUS Flash Sale Templates and Pay In FULL Bonus 17 Evergreen Content Topics 1 PAYMENT OF $3,000 $2,500 –

JOIN Now 12 InstallmentsAccess to the 1K(r) Your first 1K(r) Content and Curriculum Calendar and Templates and resources Access to the private Client Group Monthly Group Call 12 Months of Access to the course and Community, as well as callsAll the resources you need to increase your list of email subscribers and start a small evergreen digital product…12 Monthly payments of $300/month, $250/month. Sign up now. If you sign up in an installment plan, you are solely accountable for all your installments. The installment plan is offered as an offer of courtesy. This is not a subscription that is able to be terminated. This is a 12-month commitment to pay your bills. The programme is to be completed within just a few weeks. It provides 12 months of access to your program’s its content and the community. This can help you be more efficient, quicker you can start and maintain your digital product in two weeks.I believe you’re extremely excited to develop your digital products and set the foundations for future programs and courses. I’m sure you’re eager to experience the full benefits, freedom and joy that is associated with it.Now let me tell you the truth regardless of how enthusiastic your are, should we offer you access for life, you’ll never be able to stop. access…you’ll not take any action, and the procrastination gremlin might be in your way.I knowthis, I’ve been there!

However, we’ve extensively tested it and found that our customers who have access for 12 months get the best results , and they receive the results QUICKLY.12 months are the perfect amount of time to achieve massive results and push you to defeat the procrastination gremlin blocking your path to your goals! You’ll get the most of the time we spend together and achieve more than you ever thought was could be possible over the course of twelve months. We really care about your success. We want you to implement these strategies. This is why we created this program to last twelve months…to provide you with plenty of time to put everything into practice and then more however, to ensure that you do actually make a difference! “I can’t say be grateful enough to you, you have put my head up and motivated me to move my business to the highest level! This course is packed with valuable information. I’ve taken the list I had made from about 150 up to 555 in less than one month. This is a total blow. my. mind. If I had known myself that this would be the case, I would have a second thought about buying your course! The increase in your list is proof the course’s amazing!” – Jamie Starcevich’I cannot believe how fantastic it is that I’m just 24 hours and I’ve already transformed a 25-page ebook into a 4-week course, created an 97-dollar product, designed an online website landing page, designed a site and finished my logo. Mariah, you’re some sort of genius! Today , while taking the tea break and thinking about ways to structure the entire course, I had my first real ‘I could do this and this is going to be a reality’ experience that brought me back to my ‘awakeness’.

I didn’t realize this course could be this transformative.” Penelope NeilYou can complete your first 1K(r) from your home or from anywhere within the world.We are a vibrant global community that you can join in the first 1K(r). You will be in the company of people from various fields (from Crystal Healing to Engineering as well as health and well-being, art and business and everything in-between). A lot of our clients design digital products that are in their native languages! You can be part of the event at the convenience of your home or at the at your kitchen table, so long there is the Internet connection! The course is digital, so you can access it from any location via our private course portal. It doesn’t matter if you’re starting from scratch or are looking to start with digital products, your Initial 1K(r) is specifically designed for future course creators as well as CEOs and coaches. have a few followers, but I’ve never created a digital product prior to now. …’Perfect! If you’re just starting out with just a tiny audience then you can dive right into our five-week launch accelerator and design the product, launch it and then evergreen your digital product immediately. After that, you can explore our list-building techniques to expand your following and boost the sales you make from there. “I don’t have a target audience or an email list at this point I’m just beginning. …’Great! Then you’re at the correct spot. In case you do not have an subscribers or audience yet You’ll begin with 30-60 days of using our list-growth strategies to grow your list before you launch your online product.After you’ve built your list to about a couple of hundred people, you’ll begin the process of launching your product and test your first digital product by launching your first sale. Fans who are raving or email users. A solid base. The tools needed to create your audience, and then launch a tiny digital product. Digital assets which you can sell over and over and evergreen.Are you prepared to gain your first 1000 subscribers to your email list and launch your first small digital item? ENROLL now! ‘You’ll love your first 1K(r). It’s the most profitable investment I’ve made in my company.”Patty Schuster’s course provides me with the resources, tools, and structure and organization I need to get going and create the English edition of my abilities.

I’ve been able to craft an impressive sales page as well as simplify the way things are done. Additionally, I’ve discovered two incredible entrepreneurs that I’m going to collaborate alongside (as I’m an introvert this is a huge deal to me).” – OphelieHi Hi, I’m Mariah the creator and founder of your first 1K(r)!Your first 1K(r) is our most popular listing-building and digital-product creator program. A lot of the 6 and 7-figure trainers and course creators that you are familiar with today were able to get their start through the same program as they launched their businesses many years ago! We’ve got a stellar roster of our graduates, and we can’t look forward to seeing what you make with our completely modernized and improved The First 1K(r) course. Created and founded by Mariah Coz, Your First 1K(r) is run by our talented team of experts, coaches and managers who run the Fearless CEO business. We’ve assembled a team comprised of marketing, sales and mindset experts, as well as program design and funnel experts – the same group which runs our multi-million-dollar company that has helped thousands of our clients meet their goals over time. This is the program where you can begin to build the foundations for your unique course and coaching program business. We’ll teach you timeless strategies and the principles to build your own community on the platforms that you manage and ensure that you have an audience that is enthusiastic about your digital products! When you sign up for your first 1K(r) you will receive five weeks of step-by-step online product creation and launch classes. Tools and templates to make the process easy Access to the training and curriculum A collection of strategies for building lists It is the easiest way to make digital products that your customers will appreciate and to get it out there quickly. Simple, yet effective strategies that work.ENROLL today!

Get connected with Cami the Coach and Client Concierge, today! Our client concierge and coaching team is waiting to chat with about your needs in DMs and address all your questions! We’d like to hear what’s going through your head. Questions, hesitations, feelings, or celebrations – don’t be shy!You can send Cami a text any time at (866) 727-3286You can find Cami on Facebook here.Follow and feel free to DM Cami here on Instagram.INSTAGRAMFACEBOOKThere are no refunds for the Your First 1K(r) program. We are convinced that That Your first 1K(r) can be described as the most effective way to begin using small digital items and have seen thousands of graduates who have been successful. Because of the immediate access of the program online There are no refunds under any circumstance. Make sure you make an informed choice about signing up, since your purchase will be a commitment for the entire 12 months, and you must complete the payments. We’re sure you’ll enjoy this course and we look forward to seeing your work! Frequently Asked Questions+ How long do I need to commit to this? I have a different JOB.Time investment 4 to 5 hours per week, plus the creation of a product, which differs for each person based on your preferred format (written video, audio, written) and the style you prefer creating. I’ve seen people develop an item in a couple of hours, or a few days or even a week. It’s dependent on the kind you select! Do I get lifetime access? can access the course, community , and monthly calls, throughout the year. If we offer you the chance to have lifetime access…you’ll not ever use the same thing again. I am actually concerned about the results you achieve.

I want you to apply these strategies to your advantage. That’s why we’ve designed this program to give you 12-month access…to provide you with ample time to put everything into place and more and to ensure you do actually make a move! It won’t take all of 12 months to get everything in place also – you can start your new product in only 4 weeks and start implementing everything swiftly, based on your operate.+ I’VE GOT A SMALL LISTS, However, I’d like to expand It further. Are there effective techniques that I could use to take it to the next level? Absolutely. You’ll learn new strategies to expand your audience and email list, as well as how to launchyour product, and more. I’ve utilized these classic and tried-and-tested strategies to build my list to over 25,000 and beyond It’s incredibly flexible (you can just continue to do more of the things that work).+ I’VE GOT an online product, not A BLOG, I’d like to grow a PRE-LAUNCH list for. Do I need this? Yes – developing a well-focused list of pre-launch ideas is a fantastic option to take advantage of this course.I’m not certain which kind of product I’d like to create Is that okay? You will receive the necessary tools and frameworks to develop an idea and pick the most profitable topic for your digital product however, you’ll have pick a topic during Week 1 and begin making progress! Don’t be sucked into perfection It is our goal to help you pick your concept and start working towards your goals. + DOES THE COURSE HAVE ANY NETWORKING/COMMUNITY ASPECT WHERE THE STUDENTS WOULD GET TO MEET EACH OTHER?Yes! Your enrollment includes access to the exclusive Your First 1K(r) Community. If you sign up to Your First 1K(r) you’ll be able to connect with a network of collaborators who could be yours, opportunities for guest posts as well as business friends and much many more. Many business relationships, partnerships, and best friends find each other in our unique community!+ I USE WORDPRESS/SQUARESPACE/KAJABI/ANOTHER PLATFORM. What courses will be relevant to me? All of the techniques can be described as “platform agnostic”. They aren’t based on a specific platform and can be implemented them on any platform using different ways.+ Is this a good choice for newbies? Yes, it’s specifically designed for those who are starting at the beginning. You don’t need to have a well-established blog or email list in order to get started. + IT SEEMS LIKE A LOT OF YOUR CLIENTS ARE IN A BUSINESS NICHE. WOULD YOUR COURSE AND SYSTEM STILL APPLY TO ME? My goal is to sell digital products to a diverse industry (FOOD and Health, FASHION).Most people in the course aren’t in the business field in the sense that they are just looking to create a business across a variety of categories. There are some from the fashion sector as well as food photography, crafters, writers and health coaches, as well as spirituality, decluttering – everything! This isn’t only for B2B marketers (though it is useful for them as well) It’s applicable to any field.What is the reason it’s so difficult to grow your email list? The most frequent issue I have seen in my students and clients is that they do not know what to do, and which is why they try to do everything in a disjointed approach, which means that they don’t get any results. If you’re not focused on the methods and strategies that yield the best return on investment and the most effective results creating your list of email subscribers can be difficult and time-consuming. It’s frustrating to have a few subscribers trickle in every day, instead of making systems that get many people to click’subscribe’.+ WHAT HAPPENS when I purchase this course? You will receive an email confirmation with immediate access for the whole course and which includes all of the lessons and modules. Log in immediately and start learning immediately. No waiting around! The entire point in this program is to provide you the necessary tools and direction to stop thinking and the various aspects of your life and simply begin gaining subscribers and creating sales.





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