Marie Poulien - Notion Mastery – Notion Training Course
Marie Poulien – Notion Mastery – Notion Training Course
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Marie Poulien – Notion Mastery – Notion Training Course



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Hey, I’m Marie!

I help business owners level up their digital systems, workflow, and productivity, so they can spend more time on what counts.


From managing your day-to-day, to arranging your big insights and ideas, I assist you follow through on your long-term goals and get things launched (trainings, websites, new offers…).


I’m a designer, teacher, and professional dot-connector; my abilities include linking seemingly unconnected information, recognizing lucrative opportunities, and helping you build momentum in your own life.


Momentum is contagious, therefore I’m all about helping you acquire traction quickly, and eliminating spent time on things that aren’t delivering you results.


While my clients may call me a magician (I hear unicorn a lot too), truly I just appreciate using beautifully constructed systems to weave our lives and businesses together.



With a fancy Honours Bachelor of Design, a Design Thinking and Innovation Certificate, and a Permaculture Design Certificate, I’ve got over a decade of experience in design, strategy, and technology.


I’ve worked with entrepreneurs and business owners of all sizes, helping them plan, create, and build attractive and successful digital ecosystems. I help them bundle their offers, launch courses, manage their operations, and deliver outstanding online training experiences.


When I began studying permaculture in 2018, I noticed how so many of the principles and frameworks I was learning applied well beyond the garden, and it opened my eyes to new ways of thinking about what it means to construct a sustainable and resilient business.


These days I am working on my Permaculture Diploma, my Unschools Educator Certification, and my flagship course, Notion Mastery.


Permaculture is a concept of working with, rather than against nature; of protracted & careful observation rather than protracted & unthinking labour; of looking at plants & animals in all their functions, rather than seeing any region as a single-product system.







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