Marketplace Superheroes - Invasion 2.0
Marketplace Superheroes – Invasion 2.0
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Marketplace Superheroes – Invasion 2.0



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What we can learn from this course?

In this course, we will learn how to build a 5 – 7 figure global Amazon business from scratch selling simple high profit, low competition items. We will discover how to create a six figure revenue stream every single month without having to private label or import anything from China. We will learn ​the #1 best way to create a global Amazon “mini empire” from scratch.

  • M1 – The Science Behind Invasion.
  • M2 – Pinpointing Suitable Brands.
  • M3 – Green Lighting your Products.
  • M4 – Negotiating with Suppliers.
  • M5 – Crunching your Numbers.
  • M6 – Ordering & Logistics.
  • M7 – Creating, Launching & Optimising.
  • M8 – Business Management – Scaling & Sustaining.
  • Group Calls for Invasion 2.0.
  • Pointers with Paul.
  • Invader’s Journeys.
  • Trade Shows.
  • Invasion Mastermind Calls.

How To Build A 5 – 7 Figure Global Amazon Business From Scratch Selling Simple High Profit, Low Competition Items

“Discover How To Create A Six Figure Revenue Stream Every Single Month Without Having To Private Label Or Import Anything From China.”

You’re Going To Learn

Why you don’t need to sell hundreds of different products to create phenomenal profits with this new, exciting business model

​The #1 best way to create a global Amazon ‘mini empire’ from scratch (even if you’ve never owned or ran a business before)

​The exact types of products that you must AVOID selling at all costs (and the specific product types that are absolutely perfect)

Our unique strategy for finding incredible, high profit, low-competition ‘hidden gem’ products that are practically invisible to our competition

And so so much more.

Join 7 Figure Amazon Super Sellers Robert & Stephen who will share exactly how they have sold items globally and built a ‘mini empire’ on Amazon with no outside funding


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