Marsha Coles - Fitness Content Creator
Marsha Coles – Fitness Content Creator
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Marsha Coles – Fitness Content Creator



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Streamlining the content development process For fitness professionals, a graphic design and content creation course with a library of ready-made templates is available. You, like many other fitness professionals, are likely to spend hours attempting to come up with content, staring at your screen, unsure of what to post. You don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay a graphic designer, yet you don’t want your material to be boring and uninteresting to your followers. Graphic design and content production do not have to be tough, costly, time-consuming, or irritating!

Poorly designed content will always have a negative influence on your social media engagement. All of the time you spend attempting to improve on your own will be taken away from the time you should be spending with your clients. You will always appear the same as everyone else if you don’t build your own style and show a brand that people can relate to. BUT IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE LIKE THIS. I’VE COME UP WITH A SOLUTION FOR YOU.

The major goal of Fitness Content Creator was to not only supply you with incredibly high-quality content templates that you can use right away, but also to educate you how to personalize and update them yourself! Online Coach Sella Iordanidi I wish I’d known about this sooner…

Every Fitness Professional should have this! Content production, graphic design, and branding are all crucial components of being a fitness expert, especially if you want to stand out and establish authority on social media. And, more often than not, it takes a significant amount of time, effort, and blunders before you can begin producing professional-looking content. Marsha’s expertise of the subjects is unparalleled, and during the course, she will not only demonstrate the “How To,” but also educate you on the “Why.” The course is packed with templates that will help you stand out from the crowd. Plus, this course will show you how to edit the templates so that anyone can learn to create professional-looking designs!

It has everything you’ll need to succeed, from software recommendations to recommendations for where to discover and outsource the greatest content. It will also provide you with a precise foundation for planning your content generation. I strongly advise everybody in the industry to read it. You’ll go from zero to pro with Fitness Content Creator, and your business will soar to new heights! FITNESS COACH JAMES BUTTERFIELD I can’t suggest it highly enough! Marsha’s work demonstrates her expertise, and if social media is vital to your business, you’d be foolish not to take this course and improve your content. My content was a jumble before I finished the course! It needed to be updated to be more in line with my brand and to appear more professional and engaging.

Following Fitness Content Creator has given me a much better understanding of how and why to generate content that is both effective and consistent with my values and business image. The major thing I enjoyed about it was how well-structured it was, and how thoroughly each chapter covered the subject while remaining relevant. The three main benefits I discovered were: relevant content production that stimulates engagement, how to organize your posts to make them easier to digest for followers, and finally, the templates are worth the price of the course alone; you’ll never run out of ideas! The thing that surprised me the most was how much time you can save simply structuring your content.

The hours you save by learning the tips and methods might be put towards other aspects of your business. Meet your teacher. MARSHA HERE. Marsha Coles: Hello, my name is Marsha Coles. After working in the design industry for over 14 years, I decided to start my own company to merge my passion for graphic design with my love of fitness. As I began to engage with additional fitness professionals, I realized how satisfying it is to empower trainers by providing them with inspiration, fresh ideas, and direction to help them overcome their fear of posting on social media. I rapidly developed a strong desire to assist fitness professionals like you in developing better visuals that match your brand and business. Thousands of coaches have benefited from my assistance in increasing interaction on their social media channels, allowing them to work with more customers. Now I want to assist you in creating better-looking social media visuals and material, which I know you want to do, so that YOU can interact with your fans much more easily.

Allow me to take the stress out of content creation by teaching you how to become the Fitness Content Creator I know you can be! Fitness Content Creator comes with the following features: 12+ HOURS OF VIDEO LESSONS TEACHING YOU THE ESSENTIALS OF GRAPHIC DESIGN AND CONTENT CREATION 4 PRIMARY CHAPTERS, 22 LESSONS, AND 12 PDF DOWNLOADS GET IMMEDIATE ACCESS TO MORE THAN 200 PROFESSIONALLY DESIGNED CANVA TEMPLATES, INCLUDING: 10 Carousel Templates with Instructions 10 Carousel List Templates Carousel Templates for Storytelling 15 Sample Client Testimonials 9 Carousel Templates for Client Testimonials Templates for Client Results Graphics 6 Carousel Templates for Client Results Templates for a Quote Carousel 19 Carousel Templates with Two Slides Graphic Templates for a Single Carousel 37 Infographic Templates in One Templates for Double-Slide Infographics 10 Graphics for a Fitness Challenge Templates for 4 Fitness Challenge Carousels 4 Carousel Templates for Free Guides and Lead Magnets 6 Sale/Special Offer Templates 2 Promotional Graphics Templates for Training Guides 6 Single Graphics Templates for Giveaways 4 Carousel Templates for Giveaways 15 Instagram TV Covers Covers for ten reels 3 Instagram Live Graphs 5 Instagram Story Promo Graphics IG Story Highlight Covers in a Variety of Styles COMMUNITY AND PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP WHERE YOU CAN ASK ME QUESTIONS AND MEET OTHER FITNESS PROFESSIONALSASK ME QUESTIONS AND GET ACCESS TO EXCLUSIVE BONUS MATERIAL Guide To Increasing Instagram Engagement (35 page E-Book) You Won’t Find These Icons, Gradients, Graphics, or Emojis Inside Canva (20 page Canva file) 100 Suggested Heading Ideas For Your Content Coaching Services & Pricing PDF (13 Page Canva File That You Can Edit And Give To Your Clients) Templates with Extra Bonuses buy now 3 monthly payments of £97 in 3 installments COACHES’ VIEWS ON THE FITNESS CONTENT CREATOR: Transformation Coach Alan Brennan I joined and haven’t looked back.

The content provided is outstanding, and it opens up a plethora of opportunities for developing professional and interesting graphics, which I now understand is critical to the growth of a social networking site. I would suggest it to anyone. I was missing something to really make my content stand out before I bought Fitness Content Creator. I wasn’t pleased with what I was producing in terms of design. The design element inside my content, as well as the proper widths and margins to employ when producing posts, was my largest challenge. Marsha teaches everything inside Fitness Content Creator, giving you a whole new perspective on Canva. Using the strategies and designs provided by Fitness Content Creator, I’ve already increased my Instagram interaction and following. Both the training and the templates are extremely detailed. What shocked me the most was discovering how simple it is to create excellent, stand-out content, as Marsha’s page demonstrated. I’ve gained a new grasp of graphic design using Canva, as well as a slew of new content ideas. Fitness Content Creator will show you all of the little details that can help you design better graphics. It’s a no-brainer if you want to increase your content creation skills and up-skill using Canva.

PT & Online Coach Nathan Bennet I would strongly advise anyone in the fitness industry, whether seasoned or not, to take this course. This will elevate your material to new heights! My content was growing stale and missing organization before I started Fitness Content Creator. Marsha has offered a tremendous amount of insight and specifics on how to not only generate posts but also make them look professional and appealing to my audience throughout this course. The step-by-step instructions in each chapter are simple and easy to follow, and I’ve learned a lot of new things that I hadn’t considered before! This has improved my content and provided me with numerous ideas for future work. The templates have also provided me with the skills, ideas, and structure to generate content that will encourage people to interact with me on social media. Fitness Content Creator has taught me how to target my fitness content at my target audience and entice others to invest in my company and collaborate with me. There will be a lot of new stuff you will learn, and it will help you create your posts more efficiently! I’ll assist you in doing the same.

CONTENT CREATOR FOR FITNESS CURRICULUMH Here’s what you’ll discover: 1 Essentials of Content Design, Chapter 1 How to Use This Training Lesson 1: Important Notes Before You Begin Lesson 2: How to Combine Templates and Your Own Content Lesson 3: Content Principles Lesson 4: The Top 15 Graphic Design Rules for Content Creation 2CHAPTER 2 – APPLICATIONS FOR CONTENT DESIGN 3 CHAPTER 3 – DESIGNING CONTENT AND TEMPLATES 4 HOW TO PLAN YOUR CONTENT (CHAPTER 4) Learn how to combine your personal imagery and branding, as well as clever headlines, icons, and text, to create great Instagram graphics. Master content creation with CanvaLearn how to use Canva to its full potential – designing graphics that engage your audience. Learn how to make carousels, infographics, quote graphics, IGTV covers, reel covers, and more graphic material! Learn how to make content quickly and efficiently. To save time, use my creative hacks to speed up content development. Fitness Content Creator can help you save time so you can concentrate on being a great coach. Are you ready to start creating fitness content?









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