Martin Bell - The 100 Tasks
Martin Bell – The 100 Tasks
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Martin Bell – The 100 Tasks



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100 Tasks Course Playbook & Templates – A Proven Step-by-Step Guide & Framework for Company Builders by Martin Bell.

Are You Ready to Fast-forward Your Startup Building Journey?

Build Your Startup With Clockwork Like Accuracy

  • Eliminate The Guesswork

Stop relying on luck to find product-market fit. Rely on the scientific method and a proven framework to scale with confidence.

  • Launch Faster

Focus on launch critical things only to get your MVP live fast and build positive feedback loops. Leverage that momentum to secure a first-scaler advantage and blitzscale.

  • Fill In Your Gaps

Fill in the natural gaps that you have as a founder and don’t miss any vital tasks. Also use this framework as a reference tool to benchmark your company.

  • Cut The Learning Curve

Learn how to execute with hyper-efficiency and gain insight from 100+ startups.

The Systematic Framework Consisting of 100 Tasks Covers Everything Across All Functions from Day 1 to IPO

Streamline Your Business & Execute with Laser-focus

  • Remove Redundancies

Stop re-inventing the wheel and focus on creating value and disrupting your industry.

  • Foster Operational Supremacy

Streamline your entire operations with our ready to use startup building toolkit.

  • Be More Data Driven

Instill a data driven culture and track KPIs like a hawk.

  • Save Time & Resources

Avoid costly mistakes and save time with our startup building toolkit called the Powersheets.

Learn How to Systematically Launch & Scale Your Startup 3-5x Faster

Eliminate all redundancies of the company building process.

About Martin Bell

Martin is a global startup advisor, angel investor, and Founder & CEO of Bell Ventures. He advises corporates, investors, governments, and start-ups.

He was previously the Chief architect of Rocket Internet’s 100-day launch process, and helped build 50+ companies. He also shined as an interim executive in 5 companies (including Zalando, Delivery Hero, and Foodora).




Martin Bell – The 100 Tasks

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