Marty Marion Competitive Advantage For SEO
Marty Marion Competitive Advantage For SEO
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Marty Marion Competitive Advantage For SEO



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What’s the purpose of positioning? Who is it For?

The way consumers interact with your brand determines how they behave toward your agency or brand. It provides you with full control over customer as well as client-led decision-making and the purchase of your services and products. It’s the base of a successful branding strategy and is the basis for every aspect of offline and digital marketing and communication. You require it. The positioning process is important for companies (and their customers) as well as consultants, brand owners marketers, SEOs as well as content developers and advertisers. Only If you’re looking to make the big prize.

About Me

Over 40 years of experience as a large agency manager (think “Mad Men”) as well as having consulted on and managed extremely effective strategy, branding, and digital marketing for large brands across a variety of niches I’m an unbeatable combination of positioning research and digital marketing skills that will have a significant contribution to the bottom line of your company.

If you’re looking to take your business or brand to the next degree, increasing your market share and gaining an edge over your competition I’d be happy to share my experience with you and assist you in helping you realize the maximum earnings potential that you’re attaining. This isn’t the beginner-level advice you’ve heard many times. This is a quick way to achieve real success for agencies, brands and your customers.