MasterClass - Lewis Hamilton Teaches a Winning Mindset
MasterClass – Lewis Hamilton Teaches a Winning Mindset
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MasterClass – Lewis Hamilton Teaches a Winning Mindset



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Commentator (VOICEOVER): Lewis Hamilton takes home the win, an incredible performance. Commentator (VOICEOVER) The result is the fifth time that Lewis Hamilton has won. Commentator (VOICEOVER)”We’ve an international star to watch thanks to Lewis Hamilton. Hamilton has won more races over any driver from Formula One history. Lewis HAMILTON The winning mentality is the desire to be successful. It’s the desire to have to achieve something, that desire for something better and the uncertainty of just the extent to which you are able to excel or how great you could become in the result of something. It’s the fear of failing and the anxiety you are facing, and how to conquer the fear. [CROWD CHEERING] I’m Lewis Hamilton. Lewis Hamilton is an experienced Formula One driver and champion. In my work, when you’re traveling at 200 miles per hour If you lose your focus it’s possible to place a wheel in the grass and could end up on the wall. It’s dangerous. There have been deaths and you must remain focused all the time. That’s exactly what the sport is all about. In these classes, I’ll discuss with you the mental aspect of preparation as well as how I prepare myself for my competitions, physical exercise and the way I train my body. I will also talk about the process of getting to the point I am at now. The struggle, the mistakes and the necessity of taking chances, and the importance of learning most importantly from your mistakes to improve yourself, and aiming to reach your goals. I hope these are things that will assist you. I began racing remote controlled cars, which the majority of kids race at 5 years of age. I was racing against other kids who were 10 to 15 more years younger than I. I had a chance to beat them by the time I was just five years old. And my dad believed that I had excellent hand-eye coordination which is why he gave me a go-kart. We ended up getting to the race track. My dad and I were the only ones who were of color on the track which meant we were on the victim of abuse. Additionally, it is expensive. My dad was required to work four jobs to support us in our in the race, since it is increasingly expensive. My dad refinanced the home two or three times. We wouldn’t have been able to do it without assistance. In reality, I was accepted by an Formula One team when I was 13 years old. My partnership with McLaren was my way to realize my dream. I didn’t make the leap to professional until I turned 22. I then took home the championship. The rest is a bit of a story. This portion of the story is my personal opinion that it is the most significant aspect that I have traveled through. I’ve always wondered why I’m one of the few people, if certainly not the sole, or even the sole driver, but also one of the few people from a different race here? NARRATOR: The very first as well as the sole Black racer in Formula One history, Lewis Hamilton has set up an organization to tackle the disparity in diversity within UK motorsport , both on the track, as well as throughout the business. Lewis HAMILTON A: The race is now working to transform the race for the future. I’ve been a champion in every championship however, actually changing lives of people and providing them with opportunities, that’s probably what I’m most satisfied with. This class is designed for everyone who’s struggling …





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