Matt Bockenstette – Legendary Sales Letters Vault
Matt Bockenstette – Legendary Sales Letters Vault
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Matt Bockenstette – Legendary Sales Letters Vault



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Will These Legendary Sales Letters Help

You Become A Better Copywriter?

Letters of sales legends such as:

The sales letter which attracted 7300,000+ customers in a single day, and was sent (#40 )…

(This might be the highest “profit-per-word” sales letter ever written. )


The sales letters that was in use from 1974 to 2003 and resulted in $1 billion of sales (#51 )…

(You’ll learn how this letter is the best “swiped” sales letter of ever. )


The sales letter that received an 80% response rate from each person who was sent the letter (#5 )…

(You’ll discover persuasive and powerful “appeals” to tap into your reader’s emotions.)


A sales note that started One of the top profitable magazines ever (#14 )…

(You’ll find among the top creative and well-known sales letter questions you’ve ever heard.)


The sales letter that sold the entire 50 seats ($10,000 per seat) for an all-around-the-world adventure (#44 )…

(You’ll find the most ingenuous “hook” you can use to make your offers more attractive.)


It was the sales letters “control” (highest-performing version) which lasted for more than 35 many years (#34 )…

(Imagine what it’s like to be able to create a successful sales letter for 3.5 years. )


This sales note brought in $110,000,000 worth of products in just one mailer at two different list (#37 )…

(You’ll learn the most powerful “triggers” to get your reader to take the next step. )




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