Matt Par - Tube Mastery and Monetization
Matt Par – Tube Mastery and Monetization
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Matt Par – Tube Mastery and Monetization



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Who is Matt Parr?

If you will be listening to the advice from Matt Parr, then it is important that you realize who he is and if he is qualified to teach you anything about making money from YouTube. Matt started his journey of becoming one of the most successful YouTubers by making videos with his friends when he was just 14 years old. The first videos that he released on the website showed him or his friend doing different stunts at the back of his grandparent’s yard. From that first video, he started to grow his subscriber and views. After the success of that first channel, he opened yet another channel and by 16, he was already raking in thousands of dollars every month.

First of all, a search for his name reveals that he has several channels already. As at our last count, Matt has up to nine channels, with each one providing him with a means of passive income. So, you can rest assured that you are getting trained by someone that can walk the walk and talk the talk.


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