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Matt Smith – Snapvertising
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Matt Smith – Snapvertising



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Welcome to”Matt Smith – Snapvertising”

10 Reasons Why You Should Start Running Ads
on Snapchat Right Now!

  1. ​Limited Competition… For Now! “So why would you tell me about this, Matt?” Because there’s pleeeeeeenty of room for growth (but it won’t last long).
  2. Cheaper ad prices. Lowest CPMs since the early wild days of the big ad platforms.
  3. Knowledgeable and supportive reps that want to see you succeed.
  4. Super simple platform that’s easy to navigate. You don’t need to be a data scientist to successfully run ads on Snapchat.
  5. You don’t need a creative team to put together ads. If you have 50 bucks, photoshop, and a fun brain, then you’ll do very very well on Snapchat.
  6. Snapchat is the perfect “low barrier entry model” that makes it easier to run than Facebook.
  7. Powerful ROAS potential. Your ad dollars go WAY further than with the big guys. Imagine spending 50 bucks and getting $800 back…
  8. You don’t need a 3rd party tracker.
  9. Never experience the frustration of ad platforms that don’t care about you.
  10. You get to learn step-by-step from me! Snapvertising is the only working course that shows you how to launch ad campaigns on Snapchat without confusion and without a big budget.

​(Snapvertising) Here Are The 4 Main Areas And Topics Covered:

Module 1: Account Set Up & Basics

  • Why Snapchat is the best platform right now for online marketers, especially if you’re looking for a platform with more vertical opportunities.
  • Learn how to identify your “honey hole” target market that most people who try Snapchat miss…
  • How to set up billing on Snapchat like a pro and make it run on auto-pilot.
  • How to get creative uploaded and approved quickly… and once your creatives are approved, it becomes even easier!
  • Where to find high-quality free services to create winning ads.
  • How to make one “fire creative template” to be used over and over again with consistent, powerful results (this alone has helped generated thousands upon thousands of dollars for my clients).
  • How to negotiate an affiliate marketing deal that is so stupid lucrative… it’ll make you want you to “jump ship” on all other platforms.
  • How to create a high-converting “Split Screen” Snap ad in less than 15 minutes…

Module 2: Creative

  • What niches work like gangbusters on Snapchat (basically there are massive groups LOOKING for the kinds of ads I’m making… and there’s a lot of money to go around).
  • Learn the nitty gritty details about your offer page and how to make it convert using simple and ethical “persuasive copywriting techniques.”
  • The secret to creating a winning advertorial page that people can’t help themselves but to read and take action (this is so simple, it’s shocking people overthink this all the time…)
  • The easy-to-follow 4 keys to producing a winning Snapchat ad every single time, even if you’ve never touched Snapchat your entire life.
  • My personal creatives that have allowed me to bring in upwards of $10,000 a day on Snapchat.
  • How to upload winning creatives to Snapchat, including the perfect headline…
  • How to avoid the biggest mistakes on Snapchat that newbie marketers make all the time.
  • How to lower your ad costs on Snapchat with a simple technique that is easy to do even if “budgeting” and tech annoy you (I’ll show you each step of the way and show you how simple it is).
  • Why you should be testing constantly… and how my method of testing creates the perfect “snowball effect.”

Module 3: Media Buying

  • My highly-proven targeting strategies that will save you money, stress, and time… (I break down whether you should go broad or specific and knowing what “interests” you should test)
  • How to hyper target your audience for easy and powerful profit.
  • How to “funnel hack” Snapchat ads and how to find winning funnels… while also avoiding the “funnel duds” that “look” like winners but could ruin your campaigns if you follow their steps.
  • What to do between day 1 and day 7… including targeting, new snap campaigns, and unleashing your lookalike audiences.
  • The quick way to set up your Snapchat pixel, including tracking actions, placing pixel on website, and setting up pixel event codes.
  • Why the pixel extension is your friend and how it can help you hyper-target your audience and help you sell at each step of your snap funnel.
  • The 3 “need to know” rules for buying media on Snapchat that most new marketers to Snapchat disregard… and how it destroys their ad accounts in a heartbeat.
  • How to leverage lookalike audiences with one simple yet powerful way that can help skyrocket your ROAS.
  • How to discover your “campaign objective” that can ensure you achieve your budgeting and bidding goals every single time.
  • My personal 3 bidding methods that are easy to implement and so powerful… this is how I’m able to spend 20K a day with an 80% ROI. These methods include: The Sweet Spot, Low Hanging Fruit, and Shock and Reset.
  • How to budget and scale at a high level (aka “What stats to care about… and what stats to ignore”)

Module 4: Compliance

  • How to stay compliant on Snapchat… and forever remain in their good graces for ad campaign longevity.
  • The 5 super fast ways to get your Snapchat ads approved without a single hiccup, every time.
  • The video examples to follow that will help keep your ad campaigns safe, secure, and continue to generate revenue.
  • How to get a Snapchat representative to personally work with you and your campaigns (this is the difference between a highly successful ad account, and a floundering ad account trying to find its legs…)
  • Why Snapchat reps want to work with you, see you succeed, and how to use their guidance to help keep your ads up and running for a very long time.


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