Measurement Marketing Academy 2022
Measurement Marketing Academy 2022
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Measurement Marketing Academy 2022



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What about those awkward discussions about revenue lost due to underperforming marketing campaigns?


You’ve deployed your most effective marketing strategies…


You ran social media, pay-per-click, and email campaigns. You have a good podcast promotion strategy in place. Your lead generation and sales funnels are attracting visitors. You improved the website’s home page…


You’re confident that you’re on the correct track. When you did your previous “Hot Seat,” your mastermind members gave you a thumbs up on your suggestions.


The quarterly review meeting has arrived. You open your reports on the computer screen and…


You only receive blank glances…


Then your CEO (or client) says something like,


“I don’t see how marketing is providing a favorable return on investment for the organization.”


You begin to think to yourself, deep down…









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