Mentor Alchemy by Cat Howell
Mentor Alchemy by Cat Howell
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Mentor Alchemy by Cat Howell



The first online business I ever built grew to be a multiple eight figure earner and successfully helped thousands of clients. Problem was – I was handcuffed to it. I ran an automated webinar model with a sales team and the business required constant attention and feeding – not to mention tens of thousands of dollars on ad spend each month. It felt like a hamster wheel that consumed all of my attention and this quickly led to burnout and unfulfilment.
In 2020, I sold and exited the business and in 2021 I launched a new offer – but this time structured in a way that placed FREEDOM at the core – financial, time and creative. For both myself AND clients.Oh, and did I mention PLAY.
It is quickly on its way to breaking the seven figure mark and defies everything that we are told on what it takes to succeed in this space.
There is no sales team and yet I sell high ticket, there are no more back to back mentoring calls and yet my clients WIN, there is one VA and yet it runs like a well oiled machine (with zero customer complaints so far!), and there is virtually no ad spend to attract leads and clients.