Michael Anthony -The Lightroom Masterclass & Preset System
Michael Anthony – The Lightroom Masterclass & Preset System
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Michael Anthony – The Lightroom Masterclass & Preset System



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Logo THE MASTERCLASS& PRESET SYSTEM IN THE LIGHTROOM The Lightroom Preset System and Masterclass Thousands of photographers have improved their workflow and editing to produce photographs that their clientele adore. There are almost 30 hours of online tutorials available. Preset Color Pack System Modifier 100+ Presets Texture Overlays: 30+ Sky Overlays (70+) Updates for Life Special Offers from Our Partners Image placeholder More than 30 hours of tutorials Complete editing tutorials are supplied to show you how to utilize the various tools. You’ll get RAW files to edit along with us. 11 Unique Styles (Placeholder Image) We didn’t waste any time creating USABLE presets that will provide you a selection of color looks to swiftly and efficiently generate IMPACTFUL photographs. 100+ Modifier Presets for Placeholder Image You can utilize the modifier presets to personalize your designs to your liking.

How-to videos are supplied. Tutorials for Advanced Retouching Photographers’ Online Education Each setup functions differently. There is no such thing as a one-click repair for any image, despite what preset developers claim. However, with the right expertise and tools, you can generate stunning photographs in a matter of seconds. Multiple video lessons are included with the presets to show you how to utilize them properly. This system will eventually become a full Lightroom Training System, and you will have access to all of them as our library of training videos expands… …

FOREVER Includes over 30 hours of video instruction Also include Tutorials for Advanced Editing Workflow Sky Changes Edits in HDR Style Calibration of the Advanced Keywording Monitor Customizing Camera Profiles Lightroom Hardware Optimization (Coming Soon) +More Brushes for Retouching Included By retouching in Lightroom with our strong retouching brushes, you can create an All-Lightroom workflow. This preset collection offers a retouching toolbox that will allow you to use targeted tweaks to bring your photographs to life. Brushes used were: Retouching the skin Toolkit for Environmental Detail Portraits Sky Improvement Local HDR Color Correction Adjustments to the Sun Flare Light + More Brushes were created with the intention of keeping your complete workflow in Lightroom or Camera RAW. They’re simple to set up and use with the Brush, Graduated Filter, and Radial Filter tools. Image placeholder What Professional Photographers Have to Say These presets have been tested and tweaked to match the needs of real working professionals.

There’s no nonsense here; simply real presets that work. Image placeholder www.miguelocquephotos.com ‘It’s great to have a tool that allows me to go from zero to virtually finished in a matter of seconds.’ Every time I import, I utilize the Elevate Presets, and with a few tiny modifications, I always get the perfect edit.’ Image placeholder Tiffany & Ryland (www.tiffanyandryland.com) is a website dedicated to Tiffany & Ryland ‘These new MAP presets are a fantastic supplement to our existing MAP presets.’ With a single click, they bring dull/flat photographs to life, elevating them to the next level!

Crisp is one of our favorites since it provides a pop to both natural and artificial lighting!’ Image placeholder Sylkmartistudios.com Danny & Sylk I’ve used a lot of presets before, but none of them quite struck the mark with the impact I was hoping for. I decided to give The Elevate Presets a try and was blown away by the results. There was not much that needed to be changed. I did these adjustments in about 2 minutes, with some being as simple as one click. They come highly recommended from me. Placeholder Staci Stack Image Stacistack.com




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