Michael Hyatt - Platform University
Michael Hyatt – Platform University
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Michael Hyatt – Platform University



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  • Fighting for attention on social media… only to always be behind the curve!
  • Swearing you’ll get around to writing that book “someday”…but you never do!
  • Knowing you’re the “best-kept secret”…but lost on how to get the word out!
  • Constantly switching from new idea to new idea…and never seeing results!
  • Confused about where your time and attention should go in order to grow!
Platform University takes the guesswork out of growing your business.

Platform University is the BEST, all-in-one online system to grow your platform from scratch and create your version of success!

Who Is Platform University For?

Inside Platform University you’ll follow the same exact steps Michael Hyatt used to go from zero to the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies list three years in a row.

Join the over 25,000 other entrepreneurs using Platform University for their own success and start building your platform!


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