Michael Stevenson – NLP Copywriting Mastery
Michael Stevenson – NLP Copywriting Mastery
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Michael Stevenson – NLP Copywriting Mastery



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If you don’t pick up this powerful skill before it’s too late, the Internet has fundamentally altered everything and could spell the end of your company.
There was a time when the proverb “If you build it, they will come” held some semblance of truth.
Now, that’s only a fantasy.

People are constantly overloaded and oversaturated in the world we live in today. More than ever, people are pessimistic, cynical, and narrow-minded.

The outcome? No matter how excellent your service or product is (or how noble your intentions are),… Most individuals are likely to reject you.

I can still picture the stinging pain of knowing I had a fantastic product that would benefit others, but for some reason, not many people were buying it.

I was in my mid-20s… a single father with a job I detested. I was trying to come up with a strategy on how I might even get more people to think about my product. I was confident that if I could only get people to pay attention, I would be able to sell more goods, provide assistance to more people, and eventually quit my friggin’ day job.

When a close friend viewed my website and provided the solution, I was at my wit’s end and feeling wholly defeated and rejected.

There was a piece missing—copywriting. When I discovered it, not only did I begin to sell more than ever before, but also very quickly after, I was getting paid to write content for other people and seeing their sales soar, too.


Get access to Michael Stevenson’s NLP Copywriting Mastery Video Home Study right away.


Are you the type of person who is interested in learning how to make your good or service hard to resist? Continue reading.

Consider a time when you saw something and felt compelled to have it. Something so mouth-watering it almost made you gag

The prospect of obtaining that “irresistible thing” tickles your imagination and screams out for you, and you suddenly find yourself saying, “I have to get this.”

Find that increasing sense of desire inside of you when you remember back to that moment and recall what you saw or heard that made you feel like you wanted that thing so badly.

You want every customer to feel that way when they read about your good or service.

So how can you get visitors to your website, readers of your brochure, or viewers of your social media advertisements experience this intense desire?

I’m Michael Stevenson, by the way. I’ve provided business consulting services to some of the most renowned, influential, and prosperous persons in the world.

Since 1998, I have been producing “copy” (the text that makes up an advertisement or marketing piece) professionally, both for my extremely successful companies and as a copywriter for hire.

For more than 18 years, I’ve combined copywriting with NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming: the gateway to the mind). Even though it looks like magic, copywriting is a skill that can be learned, and you can become a master of it more quickly than you may imagine. Copywriting is the art of using words to practically make people salivate over your products and services.

Typically, it costs between $3,000 and $10,000 to hire a copywriter to create even one page of text for your company. even $20,000, as your earning potential is really limitless after you figure out how to utilize words to incite uncontrollable desire in your clients.

The most effective business and marketing lesson I’ve ever learnt involves mixing copywriting with NLP to write in a way that persuades readers to make purchases.

This might be the big break you’ve been waiting for if you’re a business owner, marketer, or copywriter.


“Michael Stevenson is better than Igor Ledochowski, better than Richard Bandler, and perhaps even better than Milton Erickson himself, I can tell you as a trainer of NLP and covert influence tactics. He might be the world’s best, in my opinion. I wish you the opportunity to study with him.

Richard Powell

Trainer in NLP certified

Copywriting is the missing piece to your success if you’re sick and tired of knowing you could be generating more leads, closing more deals, and making more money but are unsure how to do it.

Online or offline, marketing is no longer only about numbers and demographics.

You must have a thorough understanding of decision-making processes and psychological processes in order to survive in this fast changing environment.

Like, did you know…


People are unconsciously drawn to particular hues, figures, and pictures.

more drawn to than others? (Some may appear on this page.)

that certain motivational phrases will be effective for certain personality types while being ignored by others.

The attention of your prospects can virtually treble after learning this (by letting you appeal to 44.7 percent to 54.9 percent more people than before)

that certain words have such a tremendous impact that they immediately enter the subconscious mind (discovered by famed psychiatrist, Dr. Milton H. Erickson, M.D., and so powerful, he refused to teach them to ordinary people like you and me)

What one characteristic of your product or service—and no other—will define how long or brief your text should be? Additionally, statistics suggest that your audience won’t buy if you get it incorrect (perhaps explaining why they aren’t buying right now).

that both online and in print media can be utilized to subtly sway the behavior of your audience? (Yes, I’m utilizing them on this page someplace; if you watch the course, I’ll explain where.)

understanding that consumers will view your marketing messaging through mental “filters” (three sensory inputs, four learning styles, and sixteen personality types). You will lose some of your audience if you forget even one. However, there’s a good probability that you’re missing at least 66 to 75 percent of them—if not more. With this ability, you can potentially quadruple your sales or even more if you speak to every single one of them.


The written word is so potent that it inspires people to start or end battles. It either leads to a breakup or a lifelong union of lovers. It either separates people into opposing races, religions, and civilizations or it brings them together in a loving union.


Get access to Michael Stevenson’s NLP Copywriting Mastery Video Home Study right away.


The written word is the most potent force in existence.

Additionally, it is the most effective tool for good.

If you compare selling your goods and/or services to all else the written word is capable of, it will be a piece of cake. And as you learn these abilities, you have the chance to use it.

And it is EXACTLY the Reason I Started the

Home Study for NLP Copywriting Mastery

I wanted to empower you to spread your message to the world so you may assist more people, do more good, and be paid for what you do. I wanted to provide this gift of creating potent copy to heart-centered business owners, marketers, and copywriters just like you.

This is your chance to perfect the art of using each and every one of your own alluring words to enter someone’s thoughts so you can get more people to say yes! Imagine how much your company will expand if you can persuade and close 66 to 75 percent more prospects!

Now, click to get your copy.

Michael Stevenson, an NLP master and marketing coach, offers this video home study training.


Despite the fact that you may think your writing is terrible, you’ll learn why you have what it takes to be a brilliant copywriter!

You’ll discover how to use compelling content to promote your goods or services on your website, through advertisements, brochures, mailers, and even on social media.

You’ll learn how to incorporate NLP, or neurolinguistic programming, into your copywriting to increase sales.

Through the NLP technique known as “modeling,” you can learn from copywriting legends and acquire their exemplary abilities without having to invest the time and effort they did to get there.

With step-by-step guidelines and checklists, you’ll discover how to employ moral influence and persuasion in text.

You’ll learn and develop your storytelling influencing skills. Stories sell, but facts explain. You’ll discover one of the most subtle and effective techniques for influencing people through storytelling.

You’ll learn how to do research to find your “ideal customer.” Stories sell, but facts explain. You’ll discover one of the most subtle and effective techniques for influencing people through storytelling.

After the training, you will be fully equipped with the knowledge necessary to consistently and effortlessly improve the results of your marketing.

Insider copywriting techniques that are not included in other copywriting or marketing courses will be taught to you.

You’ll be aware of exactly what to write and how to do it to effectively market virtually anything.

As you “take” customer after client from under the noses of your rivals, they’ll be left wondering what the earth happened.

This is the most COMPLETE and USEFUL copywriting home study course available. This course is appropriate for both beginners and experts and will teach you far more than you could have learnt in any other copywriting or marketing school.


Micheal –


I appreciate the fantastic instruction you provided on subconscious influence and persuasion. I’m eager to use it in my copywriting to achieve even higher conversion rates than I now do! I appreciate the fact that you gave us enough time to put what you were teaching into practice, so that when we left, we knew how to use it rather than feeling overburdened and like there was just one more thing to do. If there is anything I can do to help you, don’t be afraid to let me know. You’re awesome!” Owner of Copywriting for Coaches, Beverly Bergman

One of the Top Five Influencers in the World, Les Brown

the Conversation Turns to Michael Stevenson


Michael Stevenson is an expert at creating sentences that appeal to both the conscious and unconscious minds. When it comes to subconscious influence, he is simply the finest.

West, Jason

Certified NLP Trainer

The MetaShifts owner


You’ll be astonished by how skilled you are once the home study course is through.

This is a hands-on home training program, not simply a video.

Now that you know how to promote your goods and services, it will be simple and easy for you.

Never again will you need to hire someone else to write for you.

You need examples? There are several examples and activities in this course.

It will be the best educational opportunity of your career.


What would your future “great copywriter” self tell your former “struggling marketer” self if you were to purchase this now to convince you that this is the best decision for you at this time?

And when they see how successful you’ve become, what will all those “haters” from the past be saying? The secret to effective marketing is good copywriting.


Get access to Michael Stevenson’s NLP Copywriting Mastery Video Home Study right away.


Avoid becoming disappointed by missing it. Spend money on yourself to enhance your marketing and start getting the desired outcomes from your copywriting.





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