Michelle Villalobos – Retreats To Riches
Michelle Villalobos – Retreats To Riches
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Michelle Villalobos – Retreats To Riches



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Hi! My name is Michelle Villalobos, and I’m a business strategist, creative thinker, MBA, business mentor and coach, professional speaker, and recovering overachiever. Phew!

I’ve been in business for 13 years, and the first seven (yes, seven!) were a struggle. I was a marketing consultant, and on top of providing unimportant services that I mostly despised, my revenues were up and down like a roller coaster (some months with a big fat ZERO in my top line), and to make matters worse, I was exhausted and felt trapped between hustling to land clients and hustling to deliver (mostly in person) to clients.


Then, 6 years ago, I had a significant breakthrough in my business as a result of a major breakdown in my personal life (funny how that works, right?) During my recovery, I began working with a mentor who assisted me in realigning my business with my greater purpose and then shifting my business model to be more scalable. He assisted me in making the shift from working 1:1 to maximizing my time through small events, retreats, and a back-end membership platform that generates monthly recurring revenue.


Not only did my business quadruple in what seemed like an instant (14 months to be exact, but after 7 years, it FELT like an instant! ), but I also had more FREEDOM and FUN than I had ever had before. In fact, I began a wandering lifestyle four months into my “experiment.”


Isn’t it crazy? What I discovered is that the appropriate business model (more on that later) transforms everything – it provides stability, leverage, independence, and, most crucially, IMPACT.


And now I get to assist other purpose-driven Superstars (like you!) in creating their own lifestyle-friendly, impact-driven retreat-driven enterprises. I believe I had to learn my lessons the hard way so that you wouldn’t have to.




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