Mike Cooch - LinkedIn Advertising Bootcamp
Mike Cooch – LinkedIn Advertising Bootcamp
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Mike Cooch – LinkedIn Advertising Bootcamp



Download Now Mike Cooch – LinkedIn Advertising Bootcamp. Get Course For a Cheap Price.

In this comprehensive specialized B2b course, Mike shows you how to:

  •         Turn this online business community into a source of leads and sales
  •         How to create targeted ads that get conversions
  •         Maximize your ad budget for major ROI
  •         How to use all the tools in LinkedIn for optimized performance and results


Mike implements a specialized LinkedIn strategy he calls Prime the Pump. This technique literally shows you how to save money while driving sales. For me, it was the best of both worlds.

Just by keeping a close eye on my campaigns I can see what ads work best. I make a few adjustments and I have LinkedIn ads performing like formula one race cars!

The hardest thing with content generation is making it work for your audience. Mike gives you the insight into how to turn your content ideas into really effective ads.

I learned how to build a lead list by focusing in on who to contact. Mike shows you how to track everything and make smart marketing choices based on solid metrics.

The whole course takes you through the three key steps to making your LinkedIn campaigns a major success.

Mike answers all your questions too. So, it’s not just videos. You can get real training on how LinkedIn can make you a B2B expert on social.

Do you know how to use LinkedIn for potential lead research? You will after you learn from Mike.

For once leads aren’t something that is just guesswork and hope. This is real training to get real leads. It’s exciting how easy it is to find the exact people you want to sell to.

Mike even shows you how to build a conversation with these individuals. You can actually establish a profitable and meaningful relationship with this pontifical clients-and it all happens through LinkedIn!

Your metrics won’t just be about impressions and awareness. You can launch, track and manage real conversion campaigns like a pro!


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