Mike Dillard - List Grow 2.0
Mike Dillard – List Grow 2.0
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Mike Dillard – List Grow 2.0



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What Is List Grow 2.0 About?

A Funnel Is Everything

When you have a email system that works, and it is given to you step by step…It is time for you to hop on. The funnel system is something I use each day. So even though I don’t promote Mike as an affiliate. I do recommend learning what he has to offer.

I do advocate that you begin to follow those around you that are doing well. And then model what they do. Extensively! Reason why? People who have made millions generally know what they are doing.

You not only need a list, you need a targeted list and one that is within the exact niche you are working within. What it means is don’t build a list that has nothing to do with what you are invovled in. What would be the point or purpose?

The List Grow Blueprint Is This:

Build a list of subscribers through use of a working funnel that can convert your subscribers to take action. List Grow 2.0 teaches this to the exact point of science.

Mike says If you have this information. You don’t even have to have a product yet. Anytime, later on, you do come up with one, you will know exactly what needs to be done to create wealth by being able to put together this easy 3 step business model.

List Grow: Creating Your List Of Subscribers

Mike’s List Grow 2.0 starts out covering how important having a list of subscribers is to us. And he even reiterates what he covered within his webinar to help demonstrate how important having a list is to those wanting to be a successful marketeer.

The first List Grow ads that were created made Mike 1.2 million dollars in just a couple of weeks. It’s gone on to help myself along with many others. Of course his success now is evidence that having a huge list is very important. We will not be able to have this kind of result at first ourselves, of course.

Most people think a list is a list is a list and that they can buy that list for a couple hundred dollars. Yet they would be way wrong. it is not the size but the quality and relationship you have with your list. And how relevant that list is to your actual niche base.

Mike teaches us how to create a quality list, build a relationship with that list, and then be able to move massive offers daily using it. With these case studies and science of how it is done…Anyone could change their IM game to top notch!

And as always sales from having a good quality list is way more valuable than taking ten hours per day and interacting socially on networks such as Facebook. Social Media will help us get leads, and we can transfer these leads onto our list, but as far as trying to make money using social media? Or any type of free marketing aspect…DEAD, DEAD, DEAD.

I’ve never done well nor do I know of anyone who has done well trying to talk people into buying things using social networks. Sure some do okay that have sales inclined attitudes. They are socialites themselves. And may lack business skills. Or having the bones of a system working for them night and day even while asleep.


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