Mike Pearson – Stupid Simple SEO
Mike Pearson – Stupid Simple SEO
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Mike Pearson – Stupid Simple SEO



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Simple SEO Techniques for Bloggers Like You
You’re in the perfect place if you’re a professional blogger trying to improve your Google rankings and drive more natural traffic to your blog.


Since you’re here, I’m going to assume that you understand the importance of SEO for developing a successful blog and that you need to boost your SEO efforts if you want to move up the Google rankings.


But perhaps you…


Lacking any concept as to how to begin with SEO

Need assistance with conducting effective keyword research and link building?

Feel overrun and perplexed by the complex SEO terminology?

And whether you’re a brand-new blogger just getting started or a seasoned pro making thousands each month from Pinterest, you want to rank better in Google and get more relevant organic traffic.


You see, more focused Google traffic translates into more blog pageviews, email signups, affiliate sales, and product purchases.


You’re perplexed as to why other blogs in your niche consistently rank first on Google for each phrase you’re after.


You’re prepared to put some simple, clear, and effective SEO methods into practice.


You simply feel trapped and long for someone to simplify everything into a few fundamental ideas, giving concrete examples and instructions.


You better believe I’ve been there, mate.




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