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I classify 70% of copywriters as “rookies.”

They are doing alright, earning approximately £50 per hour or perhaps $5,000 per month.


But they continue to undercharge, operate in a frenzy-like manner, and chase after customers.


They will probably work until the day they pass away and have little to no power or freedom.


They must accept available employment because they cannot afford to do otherwise.


The following 29% of copywriters are at the professional level.


Their client books are largely full, and they are charging more—probably around £200 or more per hour.


They succeed, and because of their better pay, they are able to take more time off.


However, aside from what they can save from their fees, they still don’t have much financial security.


But what about the last one percent?


I refer to the top 1% as “The Business-Less Business Copywriters.”


These are the individuals who don’t just demand top dollar for their services.


They moreover charge an equity cost for each mission they do, ensuring that they are paid again for each and every task.


By doing this, you greatly reduce your financial burden and establish yourself as a professional that backs up their claims to success.


(Which you will do if you have the appropriate templates and are familiar with even the most basic techniques for persuasion and positioning.)


You’ll never have a “business-less business” if you don’t do this.


A business-less business allows you to determine your own working hours.


a place where you are free to work (or not) as you please


When clients approach you for work because they recognize you as the expert, not the other way around…


Where you have complete financial, time, and location flexibility…


And where you’ll never have to worry about money since you’ll still receive equity checks from previous job you’ve done even if you take months or even years off from working.


Almost no copywriters practice the idea of working once and getting paid again, yet it is very necessary if you desire real independence in your career and personal life.


I had been using the business-less business application.


However, there was a problem.

Despite looking everywhere, there didn’t seem to be anything available that could help aspiring copywriters rise to this level rapidly.


There were numerous courses available on improving copy.


There were also a ton of resources available to aid individuals in landing their first jobs.


There were also expensive masterminds and coaching programs that cost well over $10,000 and touched on acquiring high-value clients and earning commissions.


However, there was nothing tangible and tried and true that guaranteed to help people not only land their first lucrative clients but also easily command equity rates for the amazing work they produced. even if they had never written any copy before.


I set out on a mission to fill the gap…


And do it in a way that was enjoyable, moral, didn’t need advanced technical knowledge or high-pressure selling, and was doable by introverts like me.


Imagine this:


You wake up in the morning, and immediately feel excited.


Running downstairs, you start the kettle and turn on your laptop.


You log onto PayPal and count the overnight equity payments that have arrived.


As soon as you realize your mortgage, bills, and other expenditures have all been paid this month, a sense of peace and pride overtakes you. Even if you did nothing else, you would still have more than enough money to top off the holiday fund and do fun things with the kids.


You open your email and see all of the messages from prospective customers.


You quickly respond after going through them and politely dismissing all except one because you don’t need them.


“Good sounds.


I could finish that for you in two weeks.


It will cost £7,000 plus a monthly payment of 10% of all sales for the following 12 months. Are you content with that?


As you click send, a smile spreads across your face because you know they’ll accept it without a doubt and that you can now add another equity deal to your expanding list of passive income jobs that will pay you each month on autopilot.


That is the equity copywriting reality.


Since I started working this method, I haven’t had to pitch for a job in almost three years.


When all three are present,


The ideal strategy for attracting high-end clients.

tried-and-true templates that make it simple to “drag and drop” your way to copy with a high conversion rate.

The ideal pricing psychology to command equity agreements in addition to charging large fees with confidence

Once you have a genuine “business-less business,” you’ll be able to live comfortably, provide for your family’s every need, and never worry about money. You’ll also be able to travel whenever you please.


However, no one else seems to be presenting all of this in a single, simple course.


Which brought me to the following:












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