Mikkelsen Twins - Audiobook Income Academy
Mikkelsen Twins – Audiobook Income Academy
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Mikkelsen Twins – Audiobook Income Academy



Download Now Mikkelsen Twins – Audiobook Income Academy. Get Course For a Cheap Price.

What’s Inside?

Module 1

How to Get the Right Mindset and Guarantee Success with Audiobook Income Academy

Module 2

Setting Up your Passive Audiobook Publishing Business

Module 3

How to Find High Demand and Low Competition Niches and Topics for your Audiobooks with EASE

Module 4

How to Outsource for the Highest Quality Books at the Lowest Prices

Module 5

How to Easily Create Your own Audiobooks that will Sell for Years

Module 6

Getting Your Audiobooks Ready for Production (Step-By-Step)

Module 7

Elite Pricing Strategies for Maximum Sales and Huge Profits

Module 8

How to Get Professional Audiobook Narration at the Lowest Prices

Module 9

Easy Methods to Gather Reviews and Market Your Audiobooks

Module 10

How to Add the Biggest Source of Income and Make it Super Passive

FREE Bonus Lessons Included As Well!

Listen to what Emeka Ossai Has to Say About Audiobook Income Academy

50+ Lessons and Over 8 Hours of In Depth Training

Lesson 1: The Mindset You Need for Success

Lesson 2: Frequently Asked Questions

Lesson 3: How To Diversify and Build a Complete Self Publishing Business

Lesson 4: Setting Up Your Accounts

Lesson 5: Audiobook Niches to Avoid

Lesson 6: The Most Profitable Audiobook Niches to Publish In

Lesson 7: Introduction to Keyword Research

Lesson 8: Keyword Research Strategy #1

Lesson 9: Keyword Research Strategy #2

Lesson 10: Keyword Research Strategy #3

Lesson 11: Keyword Research Strategy #4

Lesson 12: Keyword Research Strategy #5

Lesson 13: How to Create Massively Profitable Audiobook Bundles

Lesson 14: How to Find Low Competition Keywords for You to Dominate

Lesson 15: How to Find Talented Writers for a Low Price

Lesson 16: How to Create the Best Title for Maximum Exposure

Lesson 17: How to use Your Pen Name to Rank

Lesson 18: How to Create Best Selling Book Covers

Lesson 19: Translated Audiobooks

Lesson 20: How to Write Your Own Audiobooks

Lesson 21: Ideas for Audiobooks You can Write Yourself

Lesson 22: Pricing Strategy for Maximum Profit

Lesson 23: How to Find the Best Narrators

Lesson 24: How to Promote Your Audiobooks

Lesson 25: How to Gather Reviews for Audiobooks



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