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MindValley – 10x Fitness
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MindValley – 10x Fitness



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Do you ever wish there was a better way to get and stay fit?

Maybe you’re not seeing the results you want from your usual exercise routine…

Maybe you’re just too tired or busy to spend countless hours in the gym, week after week…

Or maybe the recent disruptions to everyday life have left you struggling to stay motivated and consistent with working out.

If any of this sounds like you, you’re far from alone.

Because most people find exercise hard. And frustratingly time-consuming.

This is precisely why most of us never achieve – and stay in – a level of fitness that leaves us looking great, feeling amazing, and enjoying many more years in a strong, youthful body.

If you’ve followed the traditional approach to fitness, you may have been told there’s no workable solution to this challenge.

But what if there was?

And what if, instead of exhausting hours, you could achieve a life-changing and lifelong fitness transformation within a 15-minute workout, twice a week?

This is what you get with 10x: a revolutionary, hyper-optimized approach to fitness that empowers virtually anyone to achieve (and sustain) a remarkable body transformation.

A Message From Vishen Lakhiani, Founder Of Mindvalley

The exercise protocol you’re about to see has the potential to dramatically transform humanity’s wellbeing and quality of life…

Put a high-performing level of fitness within virtually anyone’s reach…

And even significantly increase our lifespans…

All in a way that’s far more efficient and effective than the average person’s approach to exercise.

In fact, I believe so strongly in this protocol – known as 10x – that I’ve personally funded its research in various cities including Los Angeles, Barcelona, Tallinn, and Croatia. And on hundreds of participants including Mindvalley members, myself, and even my father.

Why? Because the results of 10x – and the shockingly small amount of time needed to enjoy those results – are nothing short of incredible:

Meet Mary, One Of Our 10x ‘Test Subjects’ From The Mindvalley Community:

Mary’s 10x transformation

As you can see, Mary’s 10x transformation was amazing – but what’s even more amazing is that it took just 15 minutes of exercise, twice a week, for only 6 months.

Mary’s DEXA scan

This is Mary’s DEXA scan, which shows both a profound reduction in body fat (the red sector) and increase in muscle mass (the blue sector) within just 6 months of using 10x, twice a week. This dual effect of fat loss and muscle growth – known as body recompositioning – is considered the gold standard in any fitness protocol (most fitness routines only result in one of the two).

More Transformational Stories

Vishen's Transformation

This Is My Personal 10x Transformation

I started working out with 10x in 2016 (I’m already slim here because I was doing WILDFIT, Mindvalley’s optimal nutrition protocol). As you can see, my body started changing dramatically in just a few weeks – and kept getting better and better. Remember: just 15 minutes a workout, twice a week.

Jason's Transformation

What 10x Did To Mindvalley Team Member Jason Campbell

The leftmost photo is how Jason started out. The second photo is Jason after shedding body fat with WILDFIT, Mindvalley’s optimal nutrition protocol. The third photo is Jason after 10x. Note the dramatic change in his muscle mass and definition.

In Case You Didn’t Catch That:

It’s Just 15 Minutes A Workout, Twice A Week… For A Profound & Sustainable Body Transformation

Under any other circumstance, a claim like that would be hyperbole: a lofty promise designed to reel in those seeking results without effort.

And yet the transformations we’ve seen from the 10x approach are so consistent, and so remarkable, that we’re more than happy to put Mindvalley’s reputation on the line to make it.

Especially because 10x rewards you with not just a more functional and attractive physique –

But also extraordinary levels of time, freedom, health, and vitality to perform at your fullest potential and realize your goals in every other dimension of life beyond fitness.

All without the need for endless hours of workouts, expensive equipment or personal trainers, or even a compulsory gym membership.

As you’re about to discover, an amazing body transformation is now within your reach – without having to sacrifice your time and energy for all the other areas of life that matter to you.






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