MindValley – Jeffrey Allen – Duality
MindValley – Jeffrey Allen – Duality
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MindValley – Jeffrey Allen – Duality



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Jeffrey Allen, Creator Of Duality Energy Training

An engineer by trade and energy healer at heart, Jeffrey Allen has helped countless people combine their intellect and intuition to boost their confidence, improve their relationships, find meaning and purpose, and manifest the life of their dreams.

Today Jeffrey’s teaching spans the globe. Yet it wasn’t always that way. In 2005, Jeffrey was a quiet software engineer, successful by all measures, yet bored and unfulfilled in his ‘successful’ career.

His true interest was spirituality, energy healing and intuition, and while Jeffrey had trained extensively for many years, he couldn’t imagine leaving his lucrative career for something so far outside the norm.

Yet Jeffrey’s passion kept calling and calling, and finally, in a moment of clarity, he knew it was time to let the past go, to embrace his passion for helping others, to follow his heart instead of the money. In the decade that followed, Jeffrey counseled thousands of private clients, led hundreds of live workshops around the world, fell in love, got married, and founded a clairvoyant school in Japan.

The joy of helping others was incredibly fulfilling. His clients and students were seeing profound changes in their lives. Yet so many people in the world were living lives disconnected from their passion, unaware of their true potential. Jeffrey knew he needed to help more people.

As if on cue, Jeffrey met Vishen at A-fest in Thailand and began designing a training program to teach energy awareness to the world. The Duality program is that training – the best energy tools and techniques from two decades of learning, practicing and teaching.

Duality is part of Jeffrey’s mission to upgrade global consciousness by awakening each of us to our energetic selves – igniting our deeper sense of purpose, self-healing, abundance and connection within.




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