MintedSeed - Order Action
MintedSeed – Order Action
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MintedSeed – Order Action



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What is Order Action?
If price action is the go to method of reading price, then order action is the ultimate method of reading the orders within price.
It is a forex technical analysis method design and written by MINTEDSEED with it’s core based on orders & liquidity, thus it not only supersedes price action but replaces it altogether. The goal is to create a single standard to define technical, sentiment, and fundamental analysis into one form of trading. Many have tried to do so but failed, because the only way to do so is to define order flow in technicals. This in itself makes “your stop-loss, our entry. Your entry, our take profit“. Finally, no more of those imaginary structures, zones, and so-called price action patterns.

Order Action & price action differences. The difference is pretty simple – trading what you see and trading what you don’t see. Price action is all about trading what you see and reading prices, which will eventually lead you into manipulation. Order action is all about reading the hidden orders within price – looking for liquidity and reading beyond the lines of common methodologies. Similar to price action traders, we don’t use indicators, but, we know how most traders are in denial that they are being manipulated. Indicators and even price action is a joke to us. ​You see, the price action you know about is merely to identify movement and direction, but not the sniper entries that we introduce in Section 4. There are traders out there that still think perfect entries don’t exist, sniper entries. By sniper entries, we mean your draw-down is so low that at times, the spread is literally the stop-loss. So there is less psychology talk about how you got to tank your positions and placing trust in trades that you can’t rectify.




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