Modern Millie – The Modern Influencer
Modern Millie – The Modern Influencer
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Modern Millie – The Modern Influencer



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What you’ll learn within The Modern Influencer is as follows:




Module 1: Greetings

Greetings, and welcome to The Modern Influencer.


7 Things That Will Keep You From Achieving Your Goals & How To Avoid Burnout


Defining Your Personal Brand (Module 2)

Why Shouldn’t You Skip These Steps?

How To Define Your Niche ACTUALLY (and when to NOT pick a niche)

Identifying Your Target Audience and Personas

Developing Solid Content Pillars for Instagram

Developing an Elevator Pitch

Why Are Brand Colors Important, and How Can You Choose Colors That Are Individually Yours?


Instagram 101 is the third module.

The Instagram Algorithm: Learn how it works so you can take advantage of it.

Breaking Down Each Instagram Feature: What each feature does and how you can utilize it to promote your business.

Account Settings: Are you a creator or a business? Is it better to be private or public?

Setting up your Instagram for success with The Magic of The H.U.B.B.


Module 4: Content Development

How to Find Inspiration When You Don’t Know Where to Begin Creating Content

Photography Tips: Even if you’re shooting alone, you may capture photographs that stand out.

Confidence & Posing: Gain confidence in front of the camera and learn how to pose effectively.

Using Editing To Create A Cohesive Feed (finding your unique style)

Design101: How to make “thumb-stopping” Instagram images in every dimension!

Content Research: You’ll never run out of ideas for blog posts again!

How To Create A Content Calendar And Post On A Regular Basis


Module 5: Developing and Nurturing Your Community

The Two Most Important Instagram Strategies You Should Be Aware Of

What You Shouldn’t Do On Instagram

Taking Action For Growth: How To GROW ON INSTAGRAM

Taking Nurture Action: How To Increase Instagram Engagement

Writing Captions: 6 High-Engagement Strategies & ONE Formula for Writing a Caption That Sells!

The Most Effective Hashtag Strategy

Become familiar with your analytics so you can continue to improve your content.


Module 6: Forming Partnerships

Identifying your Unique Pitching Promise: No brand could refuse the “unique to you” offer.

Finding the Brands of Your Dreams

Prepare Your Tool Belt: Three Things You Should Have in Your Back Pocket Before Pitching

Pitching: Breaking Down The Perfect Pitch’s Structure

Setting Rates, Charging What You’re Worth, and Making Money: Set your rates, charge what you’re worth, and make money!

Your Brand Experience Framework: You’ll save so much time with this system!

STANDING OUT: How To Make Every Collaboration You Do Count


Module 7: Concluding Remarks + Bonuses

The Legal Aspects of Influencer Marketing

Monique from @thesocialista_ shares reels tips and tricks from a reels course creator.

In ONE MONTH, I GOT 30,000 FOLLOWERS | How Brianna Rae, a student, was able to grow FAST

Is it time to hire an agent/manager? | An Interview With My Brand Collaborations Manager







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