Moneyball Trading Program
Moneyball Trading Program
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Moneyball Trading Program



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Let me guess. You are struggling with…

  • Information Overload: No direction or clarity?
  • Psychology: Having trouble managing the mind and becoming consistently profitable?
  • Holy Grail: Tired of system hopping and cant seem to put the puzzle together?
  • Demo VS Real:Struggle with paper profits vs real profits?
  • College: Racking up debt with no plan? Looking at escaping or not joining the rat race?
  • Freedom: hours of work with little cash flow with no freedom?
  • No Direction: No Patience, discipline or consistency? Looking for a mentor & community?
  • Growth: Struggling to grow a small account into a big account?

It’s Time to Solve Those Problems and Get Your Life and Trading Back.
Millions Of Traders Are Already Trading Consistently Profitable So Why Aren’t You?


 Trade On Your Time And Lifestyle

The Things That Held Me Down Most….

  • Information Overload: There is so much free information on the internet it can get very overwhelming. I struggled trying to put all the pieces of the puzzle together with google but that only led to more unanswered questions.
  • Holy Grail Systems: I kept system hopping and changing rules thinking this is the answer but it only led to more confusion and no results.
  • Psychology: I struggled moving from demo trading to real live trading because of lack of discipline, consistency, and patience. With no sense of direction and clarity this only led to more mind games and fear.

Clarity is the cure. When you identify exactly what you want. And exactly how you are going to achieve it. Things become clear and your confidence sets you on an unstoppable path to success!

Meet Your Mentor: Austin Semeniuk

I’ve Been Trading since 2014

With the System, Guided Mentorship and Community Network I have created. I have taken out all confusion and guesswork about how to become a Consistently Profitable Trader and live the life you want! What I have created is Clarity and a sense of Direction you need to become a trader.

  • ​​Trading Since 2015
  • 1 Year, 16 Countries, 26 Cities And Still Going!
  • ​Making $500+ per trade
  • ​Helping Others Become A Trader
  • ​Interviews On Trading


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