Monica – Triple Dip Funnel
Monica – Triple Dip Funnel
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Monica – Triple Dip Funnel



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The Ultimate Sales Funnel for Converting Cold Traffic into Loyal Customers


After working with thousands of clients and students, I’ve discovered that the missing piece to selling your digital products online is usually a fully-strategized sales funnel. Sales funnels might sound overwhelming, but simply put, it’s mapping out your customer’s journey from browser to buyer.

It’s where the customer’s problem is solved using your solution highlighted by your unique expertise. These three ingredients are mixed together to make you money in an unbeatable formula called the Triple Dip Funnel.

The Triple Dip Funnel is my FAVORITE sales funnel for converting cold traffic into paying customers… meaning it’s perfect whether you already have an audience, or your business is brand new.

Many people preach that it’s next to impossible to convert cold traffic into sales, but I’ve cracked the code!

The Triple Dip Funnel has been a complete game-changer for my own business as well as for my students!

In fact, I’ve made over one million dollars using this funnel strategy.

You may be thinking, “Monica, clue me in, what exactly IS a sales funnel?”

Remember, a sales funnel is just a fancy way of saying your customer’s buying journey. There are FIVE stages to creating the perfect customer journey.


If you can say, “Yes, this is me!” to any of these statements, then this course is FOR YOU!

  • “I have a team or a VA and would love to train them in sales funnel creation so I can focus on other aspects of my business.” 
  • “The tech around sales funnels has always mystified me… I just want someone to tell me exactly where to click and how to connect everything together.”
  • “I have a digital product I want to sell but I don’t know how to actually deliver it to my customers.”
  • “I’m a total sales funnel tech newbie! What are all these platforms you’re talking about and how can I use them to sell my products?” 
  • “I’m a VA and would like to add building sales funnels to my list of services.”

If you said yes to ANY of these, then this course is your secret weapon to creating a highly converting sales funnel!







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