Nadine Rohner - Business Accelerator
Nadine Rohner – Business Accelerator
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Nadine Rohner – Business Accelerator



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what you receive


developing your offer


Create or improve an offer that you are thrilled about and that customers will adore.


Creating your core offer, redefining and perfecting your core offer, or creating your 1:1 trademark coaching or group coaching service.

You will learn how to transition from done-for-you services to coaching and consulting if your firm is a service one.


Modulus 2

ideal client in-depth


If you don’t know exactly who you are talking to and how to talk to your potential client, no one will listen and you won’t sell a thing, even with the best deal and the prettiest website.


Determine who your ideal client is.

Draw a diagram of your client’s needs and concerns.

Because words sell, craft your messaging.



the contra-channel


They have a terrible reputation as a result of the thousands of online marketers who con customers into purchasing their inferior goods. Sale comes first for them, then comes the consumer. Change that and put the CLIENT (also known as the human being) FIRST.

A customer’s journey is all that a funnel is!

This module will teach you:


The various funnels available and what NOT TO DO!

How to put a system in place that will draw customers on its own while being moral, market ethically, and with heart



production of lead magnets


Go on a date first before proposing marriage! Giving them something for free before asking for a sale demonstrates your knowledge and helps to establish confidence.

Instead of just another pointless pdf that sits in your downloads folder gathering dust, the objective is to produce something that makes people desire even more from you.


Make your own lead magnet/freebie.

Learn to produce something that your customers genuinely need.


Modulus 5

Email advertising


After a potential customer downloads your lead magnet, you should nurture them by providing them with VALUABLE material to keep them in your world and bring them even closer to you.

Instead of sending out endless sales emails or dull newsletters, this is about showcasing your knowledge. Nobody wants to merely remain informed.


This module will teach you:


Get my tested email campaign template.

Create your own attention-grabbing magnetic emails.

Discover the various software options and how to use them for your company.



building landing pages


No, a full-fledged website is not necessary for your target client to be able to receive your offer. Basically just a landing page with one objective.





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