Nat Eliason - SEO for Solopreneurs
Nat Eliason – SEO for Solopreneurs
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Nat Eliason – SEO for Solopreneurs



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The minimum maintenance, maximum results guide to putting your sales on autopilot.

Whether you’re a creative, influencer, coach, solopreneur, or early-stage founder, you don’t have as much time for marketing as you’d like.

And you probably don’t want to spend all your time on marketing. You want to spend it on what you’re best at, and on launching new products.

You probably know about SEO. The magical Internet traffic Google sends to your site week after week, month after month, without having to pay for ads.

But you don’t know how to get it. And you don’t have much time to focus on it.

That’s why I’m creating SEO for Solopreneurs: a repeatable playbook you can follow to focus on the core few things that will drive 90% of your results.

So you can keep getting traffic and sales while you’re working, sleeping, on vacation, playing with your kids, whatever else you’d rather do.



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