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Neville Medhora – KopyWriting Course
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Neville Medhora – KopyWriting Course



Download Now Neville Medhora – KopyWriting Course. Get Course For a Cheap Price.

Who joins Copywriting Course:
• CEO’s.
• Bloggers.
• Freelancers.
• Sales people.
• Brand managers.
• Marketing teams.
• Business owners.
• Newsletter writers.
• Professional writers.
• eCommerce websites.

The Copywriting Course is a training school for people who want to communicate better at scale. It contains all the training we’ve ever made, rolled into one logically-laid-out format, and a full community where you can get any of your copy reviewed by professional copywriters.

Come for the content, stay for the community.

Don’t just passively learn. Actively get help from professional copywriters.

Almost every training you see is just videos you watch on your own time. We’ve got plenty of those, but we also have an active community of copywriting professionals inside the members area.  

What this means: Imagine you just watched one of our trainings on writing cold emails. Inside Copywriting Course you can actually write out a test email, and get critiques and help from professional copywriters and business people!  

This is far better than passively watching a video, then forgetting the information in 20 minutes.

Get critiques on all your cold emails

Cold Email is one of the staples of the business world, but also one of the most dreaded. Our cold email training is based off years of experiences and hundreds of thousands of cold emails. Not only that, but before you send your own email, you can get help with it from inside our private community. You can even get live help on the Office Hours.

Progress Logs to document your progress

One of the great things about joining Copywriting Course is the optional accountability of your Progress Log. In the beginning you can decide to make a Progress Log inside the community, and document your improvement. It’s amazing to see other members Progress Logs also. You can watch as a failing sales pitch turns into a high converting gold mine. You can get help, support, critiques, and suggestions along the way.

Get Certified

We have a Copywriting Course certification that actually means something. People already use it as a real reference on LinkedIn. We then display your proof of certification on a special page.

Being Copywriting Course Certified doesn’t just mean you’ve answered some dumb questions on a quiz. It means you’ve participated in the community, got help with your own projects, have significantly improved your writing and sales ability, and have rubbed elbows with other copywriting pros.



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