Nicole Victoria - The Millionaire Investor
Nicole Victoria – The Millionaire Investor
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Nicole Victoria – The Millionaire Investor



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So, tell me the details. How did Nicole, aka The No Budget Babe, get to be who she is today?
Nicole is a Certified Negotiations Expert, a top real estate broker with a license, a CEO, a money coach, and a supporter of financial literacy. Nicole was adamant from an early age to manage her finances on her own, even if she wasn’t always an expert at it. Nicole first thought that making more money was the solution to her difficulties rather than managing money, therefore she concentrated on ways to do so. In light of this, Nicole obtained her first job at the age of 12 and then pursued a business degree. She shared the common misconception that money equaled power, status, and social capital when, in fact, she learned that money is the means by which you may reclaim your life.

Nicole saved over $100,000 in actual and opportunity costs by completing her four-year bachelor of business degree in just two years. Her degree was intended to help her land the desired corporate position, increase her income, and FINALLY MAKE IT.


Nicole fell into the common trap of upgrading her lifestyle as her income rose as her job rose. She was undoubtedly not living more shrewdly despite her greater lifestyle.






After that…

She had a lightbulb moment when she understood that despite earning more money, she still had nothing to show for it. She was expected to be happy because to her “excellent pay,” but she wasn’t. “Maybe I need a promotion, so I can obtain more money… then I can be happy,” seemed to be the most sensible course of action.


The following rude awakening? Nicole came to see that the individuals who held the positions she “wanted” weren’t content either. They were struggling to fulfill their goals, and many of them were burdened by debt that had been used to pay for their idyllic lifestyles.


Nicole then made the decision that it was time to start again and jumped right into learning as much as she could about personal finance. Nicole was pleasantly surprised to see how much of the technique she already knew, including the best accounts to use, ways to save money, and strategies for paying off debt. What is Nicole’s upcoming task? to ascertain why we don’t act on what we know we should do despite being aware of it. This query brought on an existential crisis or quarter-life crisis. The questions, “Who am I, why am I here, and what is the point of anything?” came to Nicole.


Nicole’s quest for financial independence took her next to the study of philosophy, psychology, and personal growth. Nicole discovered via her research that money was a tool and that every dollar she earned offered the chance to advance her toward her life’s most important objectives. Saving money alone wouldn’t enable her to achieve financial success, nor did it imply that she should starve herself.


Nicole was able to hone her financial literacy and knowledge through all of these academic lessons, self-development, research, becoming a real estate broker (which entailed assisting individuals make the biggest financial decisions of their lives), and being a certified Negotiations Expert. The Makin Money Moves Method was developed by Nicole using the financial ideas that transformed her own life after significant trial and error. Over 100,000 women’s lives have already been changed by this five-step proven method.




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