Noah Hunter Dorsey – Native Ad Machine
Noah Hunter Dorsey – Native Ad Machine
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Noah Hunter Dorsey – Native Ad Machine



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What you receive:


Module 1: Technique


When you establish your own creative endeavor, Noah will provide you with the top-level techniques to make sure you’re ready to scale.


Angles in Module 2


Lucas, a marketing strategist and Noah’s co-founder, will give an example of how to generate ideas for commercials here.


Discover the exact hooks, angles, and psychological cues that make your advertisements effective every time.


Unit 3: Briefs


In this course, Noah will draft good briefs for your content producers to guarantee that you get high-caliber videos that convert successfully.


Section 4: Creators


To guarantee you can always get a consistent flow of content, learn to recognize, connect with, and cooperate with content providers.


Unit 5: Editing


No editing experience necessary. Noah will show off several free tools you can use to quickly edit your movie.


Bonus No. 1: Adaptable letter templates


You may access the identical templates that Noah’s company uses here.


Fill in the blanks, send the movies to the makers, and you’ll get consistently high-converting native videos.


Secret Video Ad Swipe File, bonus number two


You can obtain the swipe files for Noah’s most effective Facebook ads here.


You may now use all the things you learnt to market your business or product because the ads have received an estimated $10 million in spending.


Bonus #3: Master Class on Ad Copy


The marketing manager for Noah will show you how to write effective ad text in a Masterclass that you can access.


Even if you’ve never written copy before, you can produce high-quality copy in a matter of minutes using this technique, which can be applied to any item.


Bonus #4: Framework for Launching Ad Accounts


If you want to run your own advertisements, we’ll give you the “Ad Launching” structure, which walks you through each stage and gives your ads the best chance to succeed and produce results right away.


It will be regularly updated to keep you abreast of the most recent technological advancements.


Bonus No. 5: Editor Playbook for Hiring


Are you short on time? You will learn how to hire a reasonably priced editor to edit your videos throughout this session.


Send several ads each week without any extras.




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