Oli Billson – Build A Conversion Sequence
Oli Billson – Build A Conversion Sequence
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Oli Billson – Build A Conversion Sequence



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This week we’re talking about a conversion strategy for businesses who have sales calls with their customers.

In this episode, repeat guest Oli Billson joins us to talk about his Phone Funnel Framework™. He explains how he takes cold traffic and turns it into long-standing and loyal customers for service, information-based, and local businesses.

In this episode you’ll learn:
  • The types of businesses and benchmark product price point that the Phone Funnel Framework works best for The importance of qualifying leads before they come into your funnel and what to do with leads that don’t pass the test.
  • Where to place the call scheduler within your funnel and why you should only be giving a 3-day window for scheduling.
  • What to send before the scheduled call to increase your show up rate and warm up the lead.





Oli Billson – Build A Conversion Sequence

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