Oliver Nino - The Authentic Energy Program
Oliver Nino – The Authentic Energy Program
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Oliver Nino – The Authentic Energy Program



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Oliver Nino, a famous energy healing practitioner, has created a 5-step energy detox program that clears your energetic field of the impairing obstacles that are keeping you from riches, fulfillment, and pleasure.

Oliver Nino, a well-known energy healer and expert in spiritual activation, outlines his 5-step energy reset, which gets rid of the pollutants that prevent you from being in your healthiest state.


Oliver describes how energetic barriers enter your system as unfavorable thoughts, emotions, and occasionally even physical problems in this book. Feelings of dread, shame, rage, betrayal, helplessness, hurt, and inadequacy might flow through you like risky free radicals as a result of traumas, ancestry, or environmental variables. These build energetic barriers that can result in physical illness, interpersonal problems, a sense of being “stuck,” a lack of abundance, a lack of direction, a lack of self-assurance, anxiety, sadness, or an overarching sense of discontent.


“I find that when you cleanse, or remove, the blocks that weigh people down using my healing techniques, it not only detoxes their energetic fields—thereby healing various aspects of wellness—but also allows them to connect with a higher power and activate their own gifts, allowing them to pursue their purpose on earth,” writes Oliver. Each of us has the innate ability to purge our energy fields. It is possible to get back to our natural state of being because our souls came to this place in a clear, dynamic state.




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