Parikchhit Basnet – Elite Email Marketing Course
Parikchhit Basnet – Elite Email Marketing
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Parikchhit Basnet – Elite Email Marketing



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Elite Email is a self-paced online course that shows you how to build and run a successful email marketing agency without any prior expertise.

We’ll go over the precise methods and approaches we use to manage Mint Ave, a multimillion-dollar business, and teach you how you can start your own.


Essentially, it’s like having us as your tutor, coaching you every step of the way and assisting you in avoiding both rookie and advanced traps in a fast-paced profession…


And having a knowledgeable advisor can mean the difference between success and failure.


This course will teach you more than simply how to run another “agency”…


It focuses on teaching you how to use email marketing to become a better entrepreneur and operate a long-term sustainable firm.


The majority of people enter the “agency” sector to generate money, which is fine…


The issue is that it has been widely pushed in that manner, causing people to enter the sector but not find any long-term or sustainable success since they are so focused on getting money right away that they resign if they do not see immediate results.


That is not something we do here…


We assist you in establishing yourself as legitimate business owners and entrepreneurs.


We’ll go over the fundamentals of email marketing, show you how to get started with your first clients, explain sales, and focus on the business side of running an agency.


It will help you become a better person outside of company in addition to teaching you email marketing. We concentrate on thinking, productivity, and the New Edition way of life. Every day, improving by 3% and achieving self-mastery in all areas of our existence.


Why Start an Email Marketing Company?

1. High-paying skill

Every company’s backend requires email marketing. When there is a high demand for a service, the price rises. Email marketing is an excellent high-earning internet talent to master.

It’s easy to learn, and there’s no limit to how big your agency can become. Elite Email teaches you how to sell online, which is a skill that can be used to any sector.


2. Location independence

Students come from Italy, Canada, India, Nepal, Jamaica, the United States, Mexico, Morocco, the Netherlands, and the Philippines. Creating an email marketing agency has no limitations. Unlike other businesses, you are not restricted by location. You can run an email agency if you have a Wi-Fi connection.

The initial edition of Elite Email was filmed in Bali, and version 4.0 of this course was designed and filmed in Cape Town.


3. Scalable company

Elite Email boasts several six-figure and seven-figure students. You can scale your agency as long as stores continue to sell online.

Emails are here to stay; we all use them on a daily basis. Learning to develop and run an email agency isn’t a passing trend. Our members create real businesses with real employees that generate real revenue.


Unlike other “gurus,” I genuinely practice what I preach…


You would know a lot about baking cakes if you baked one every day for more than three years. That’s how email marketing works for me. Since 2018, I’ve been owning and operating my own email firm, and our clients have received over $25 million in email sales!


Mint Ave is a Klaviyo Certified Gold Partner Agency with experience advising and working with over 1000+ brands online. The lessons and material I offer in this course are based on my personal experience and my day-to-day operations.


What Is Involved?

When you join Elite Email, you will receive the following benefits.


Comprehensive agency training


In-depth instruction on everything from launching an agency to scaling it, as well as automating tasks and procedures with systems and assembling a team. We go over the basics of running an email agency and what you’ll need to know to get started. Then, as you advance, show you how to navigate the agency world.


Community on Discord


A private group chat for course participants. Imagine being in a group chat and continuously conversing with others who share your interests. The discussions alone are well worth the cost of the course. This is the ideal area for you to ask questions, make connections, and learn new things from me and my team.


Templates, Slideshows, and More


Along with the training videos, I’ve included slideshows and templates that you can use and slot into your client’s store (after they’ve closed it) without having to come up with tactics or content. Businesses pay me over $3000 for these templates alone. We’ll also show you how to set up processes and systems in your agency to automate duties so you can work ON the business rather than IN it.




Advanced techniques and mentality videos that have helped me generate seven figures online at the age of twenty-one. This is the part of the course that everyone enjoys and looks forward to. To be honest, this section alone is worth the price of the course.





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