Parikchhit Basnet – Online Skills Agency
Parikchhit Basnet – Online Skills Agency
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Parikchhit Basnet – Online Skills Agency



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This course will not just teach you how to run another “agency”…it’s focused on helping you become a better entrepreneur and run a long term sustainable business with the skill of email marketing.

Most get into this “agency” world to make money and there is nothing wrong with that…The problem is that it has been marketed too heavily that way which causes for people to get into this industry but not see any long term and sustainable success as they are SO focused on making money right away and quit if they don’t see results short term.

We don’t do that here…we are helping you become legit business owners and entrepreneurs.We will cover the basics of email marketing, teach you how to get started with your first clients, help you understand sales and overall focus on the business aspect of all of this

Outside of teaching you email marketing, it will help you become a better person outside of business. We focus on mindset, productivity and living the New Edition way. Becoming 3% better everyday and reaching self-mastery in every area of our lives.




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