Pat Flynn – Heroic Online Courses
Pat Flynn – Heroic Online Courses
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Pat Flynn – Heroic Online Courses



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Heroic because, in order for online courses to succeed, you must recognize that your students are the protagonist.
You’re solving their problems, and you’re guiding them through a metamorphosis.
You’ll be their tour guide.
When you assist individuals become the hero of their own tale, everyone wants to know who was there to help them get there.
The big secret is that no one wants to pay for an online education. People are drawn to your course because of the promise of transformation it offers.
So, what exactly does Heroic Online Courses promise?
You’ll have an online course you can be proud of, and you’ll be able to launch it on your own with confidence.
You are the hero on this voyage, and I am your guide.
The adventure of your hero is about to begin.
Inside Heroic Online Courses, you’ll take the following path:
Module 1: Identify Your Market
We’ll make sure you’re targeting the correct kind of individual for your course, whether you’ve already chosen a niche (and whether you have an audience) or not.
What are our options? We’ll have to delve a little deeper into the thoughts of your target market. It may appear difficult, but it is not. You’ll be on your road to success right away after just a couple of 10-minute lessons.
Finally, you’ll have your course title, slogan, and an idea of who your course is intended for.
Create Your Outline in Module 2
This is where we collaborate to build your course material in such a way that your students will succeed.
The key is to make the course efficient rather than overpowering. This necessitates knowing what to include and exclude, which can be difficult. Don’t worry, I’ll lead you through the steps so you’ll know precisely what to include and in what sequence in your course.
Finally, you’ll have a detailed outline of your course.
Module 3: Designing a Sales Page
Yes, I assist you with marketing as well, and it begins with exercises connected to the creation of your sales page.
We go over everything you need on your course sales page to convert sales, including what you’re selling, how you’re pricing it, and everything else.
Working through this process now, rather than towards the end of course development, allows you to see whether there are any lessons in your outline that your students would benefit from. Working through it piece by piece (headline, offer, pricing, testimonials, etc.) at this point in the process guarantees that you actually make progress and finish it.
Finally, you’ll have your sales page ready.
Module 4: Create a Production and Launch Strategy
A launch plan is similar to a diet in that there are many ways to go about it, but not all of them work for everyone. I’ll go over a few alternative possibilities for launching your course and developing a strategy.
There are plans in place for where your company is currently. Are you starting from the ground up, even if you have no audience? There is a plan for you. Do you have a large email list and want to launch something big? There are options available to you.
Finally, you’ll have a strategy for launching your course that works for you.
Module 5: Getting in the Right Mindset Before Entering The Arena
To make this work, you’ll have to conquer the most difficult obstacle of all: your own thinking.
Trust me, I had my fair share of negative thoughts about my courses when I was building and launching them—every single one of them—however, we’ll be tackling these worries straight on so that you don’t waste the incredible work you’ve already done, and you can launch with confidence and elegance!
Finally, you’ll discover what you need to know to stay on track so you can confidently launch your course.
Module 6: Filming and Creating Your Course
Caleb, my videographer, and I got together to properly iron out this aspect of the course so that anyone, regardless of budget, can film and record a course that works.
No, you don’t need to hire a film team or have a large production facility (although we do talk about that). However, you may certainly make good use of what you have on hand to produce high-quality footage that complements the content you’ll be producing.
I’ll also make sure you’re prepared when it comes to posting videos and developing genuine coursework for your pupils. It can be frightening at first, but you can peek over my shoulder and see someone doing it right in front of your eyes.

Finally, you’ll have a collection of techniques to employ to create your course materials in a cost-effective manner.




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