Paul Baron – Messenger Bot University
Paul Baron – Messenger Bot University
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Paul Baron – Messenger Bot University



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This article is a thorough introduction on how to create and manage your own Messenger Bot! It goes over everything from the basics, like what it means for something to be an AI bot in general, all the way through more advanced topics such as interfacing with databases.

This blog post will give you insight into one of today’s most popular forms of messaging – bots that live inside Facebook messenger or Kik app. What are they? How do I make my own? Find out here! Our world has evolved drastically since even just 10 years ago; now we can have real-time conversations between humans using our phones and texts (texting). With so many people online at any given time these days, social media interaction became a household concept where

We are all too familiar with the issue of spam. Indeed, it has been a problem since before email and social media existed- but now that these channels have become so prevalent in our society, such as for customer service messages to be delivered on your phone or laptop computer when you log into an app store account management page like iTunes or Amazon respectively; we find ourselves surrounded by more than ever. This is why companies need bots! As AI develops further exponentially over time—bots will help us manage every facet of life from ordering food at restaurants to purchasing products online without having humans take up responsibility for those tasks any longer. In order not just survive this technological revolution but thrive within it -companies must proactively educate themselves about what bots can

Paul Baron is a premier expert on the design, development and management of bots. You can find him in conferences around the world where he teaches bot managers how to make their interactions more profitable for both themselves as well as those that they interact with.

Paul Baron has been appointed by many companies such as JPMorgan Chase & Co., Microsoft Corporation, Samsung Electronics Company Ltd., Credit Suisse Group AG (Credit Suisse) and LinkedIn LLC to help them develop successful customer service strategies through chatbots or other automated systems

A new, innovative way to learn about bots is coming soon. Paul Baron has created a school called the Messenger Bot University that will teach people everything they need to know in order to build their own chatbot and start making money using it.

No one likes going back-to-school shopping at this time of year, but for some reason as I walk into Target my phone buzzes with an email from Facebook messenger telling me there’s a bot university opening up next week!


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