Paul Clifford – The Authority Profit Machine
Paul Clifford – The Authority Profit Machine
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Paul Clifford – The Authority Profit Machine



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If you’re an expert, coach, consultant, or simply someone who wants a tried-and-true system for creating and publishing a world-class eBook in 27 days or less, this is the book for you.

Tell your tale and share your knowledge, skills, experience, and enthusiasm with the rest of the world!

Make a name for yourself as a trustworthy, go-to expert in your profession… with cash-strapped clients and customers waiting up at your door… ensuring a fruitful, prosperous, and stress-free year in 2022 and beyond!

Amass a legion of devoted followers, leads, consumers, and clients that are eager to hear what you have to say and… ready to buy whatever product or service you offer… Almost impenetrable to the naked eye!

Use an eBook as a front-end product in your funnel to offer people a taste of your knowledge before selling them on your more expensive products and services… breaking down barriers… and make it simple to sell your high-ticket deals!

Create and promote your brand, or make your company a well-known institution in your industry!

Increase the size of your company while also increasing your income!

Get 1000s of book sales and 100s of rave reviews from your fans… and turn them into high-volume clients and consumers…

Read on if you want to do anything (or anything) I’ve outlined above. Because this just might be the most life-altering message you’ll ever read.


What the APM Program Has in Store for You!


MODULE 1: THE OVERALL PICTURE (This is your APM eBook’s TICKET to quick and certain success.)


A bird’s eye view of the entire APM funnel and how to knock one off in under an hour!

There are three REAL, unseen reasons why you haven’t been able to write and publish your eBook yet! (And how one dead simple method will extinguish each of these three excuses!)

If you’ve already released your eBook, you’ll understand WHY you’re not getting the results you expected!

How one simple modification to your eBook funnel can convert even the worst-performing eBook into a huge authority-building asset that brings you leads, sales, and clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

How and why 19 sales of a single, 60-page APM eBook… can quickly earn you more high-ticket clients and money… than the vast majority of best-selling nonfiction authors with tens of thousands of copies sold!



MODULE 3 – Creating an eBook


How to fill in the blanks in your industry’s booming – but largely ignored – niches… where people are longing for the solutions you have to give… BOTH in your eBook as well as in your higher-ticket items and services!

How to get access to five off-the-beaten-path market data sources… to test your eBook concept and get a firm response to the all-important question of whether or not your eBook will sell … and… you can do it for free in less than 15 minutes!

How to find your market’s deepest pain areas! (And base your entire eBook outline around them to ensure it won’t fail to resonate with your prospects… in under 40 minutes!

How to calculate how much money you can make in your niche!

3 counterintuitive strategies for breaking into the most lucrative – yet untapped – marketplaces… and… Making the most of your APM eBook by milking it for as many cash-rich clients as you can!

How to figure out exactly what information your audience is in desperate need of RIGHT NOW!

What should you include in your eBook? (There will be no guesswork.)

How to uncover the information they’re looking for and carefully offer it to them… via APM eBook… for instant authority status and clients! (Even if you’re just getting started in that field!)

MODULE 3 – Creating an eBook


How to use our one, tried-and-true structure to create a complete outline for your eBook… in under ten minutes!

How to write a scorching-hot eBook title that will halt your prospects in their tracks… and they’ll be clamoring to buy and read your book!

How to select “hot” keywords for your eBook title and description to ensure that it ranks high on Amazon right away!

The strange – but entirely valid – reason why you shouldn’t try to write a signature eBook!

The perils and disadvantages of providing too much value in your eBook! (As well as how to include just the perfect quantity of useful information in your eBook… thus you’re also not under-delivering!)

And there’s a lot more!



The world’s most underappreciated list-building resource… where you’ll find tens of thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of ultra-targeted leads for your APM eBook AND… your other products and services!

How to tap into that massive, largely untapped pool of ripe opportunities… and extract it from as many readers and clients as possible… as if it were going out of style… for free!

How to develop a list of prospects that are eager to help you construct your eBook’s title/subtitle, description, and even entire sections… for free!

One free method for rapidly growing a list!

TWO PAID STRATEGIES for growing a list of ultra-targeted prospects while also enhancing your personal brand… even if no one knows you from Adam right now!

BONUS list-building approach for massive quantities of free word-of-mouth promotion for your eBook!



In this module, you’ll learn about:


What’s the best way to format your eBook for various platforms? (And make sure you do it both on and off Designrr.)

A step-by-step guide to publishing your eBook on Amazon!

How to utilize images correctly in your eBooks!

What is the KDP Select program from Amazon… and why you might want to enroll your eBook in it, as well as when you would want to do so! (And how to do it in such a way that your eBook sales skyrocket and your target consumers and clients give you five-star reviews!)

How to defend your eBook against digital piracy!

What is the best way to price your eBook?

Plus a lot more!



How to pique your audience’s interest and make them eagerly anticipate your eBook!

How to launch your eBook in such a way that it can’t help but produce a slew of purchases, five-star reviews… and big-ticket clients… on the first day!

Three deceptive – but completely ethical and legal – methods for getting a flood of five-star reviews for your eBook!

Fill-in-the-blanks examples of what to tell/write to your audience during the warm-up stage of your launch and… what to tell/write them DURING the actual launch…. to have them chewing at the bit to take your eBook and go for your other products and services!

And a LOT more!



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