Paul James - Maps Mentor 2.0
Paul James – Maps Mentor 2.0
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Paul James – Maps Mentor 2.0



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As a child, I loved geography and maps. The idea of getting lost in the world fascinated me.

I remember being 10 years old when my dad bought me this really cool map for Christmas one year that showed all these different regions from around the world on it – mountains, deserts, plains… It’s still hanging up over there by my desk now!

Have you ever tried to learn a new location within your own city? There are clear maps that show the most efficient routes and, when it comes down to it, Google Maps is usually sufficient. But what about other countries where I know absolutely nothing of the layout or streets names? That’s why Paul James created “Maps Mentor 2.0.” This app provides directions in over 130 languages and includes basic information like currency rates for international travelers as well!

Paul James – Maps Mentor 2.0

Paul James is a geographer, blogger and map enthusiast. He’s been involved in the mapping industry for more than ten years by way of his job at Esri as well as being an educator on their behalf to professionals around the world. His latest project is Maps Mentor 2.0 – which he says “helps users learn enough about maps so they can visualize information that matters.”

Paul James is a mapping guru who has designed maps for everyone from the New York Times to The Boston Globe. His passion lies in making complex data accessible and easy-to-understand by breaking it down into simple, informative pieces with detailed features that allow readers to explore without getting lost or bogged down by details. He teaches others how he does this through his Maps Mentor 2.0 program where participants learn skills such as cartography design, map visualization techniques, GIS software basics – all while engaging in hands on work experience right out of school!

The interactive elements within Paul’s mentorship programs will not only help you gain valuable professional insight but also teach you new ways of navigating life’s challenges which we can

A map is a guide for navigating the world. I’ve never met anyone who has ever found their way without one, so it stands to reason that those of us in charge should provide maps! Maps Mentor 2.0 was created with this idea at its core; we want every student and educator to have access to high-quality resources about how they can navigate through school pathways–whatever path they choose!


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