Paul Millerd -Think Like A Strategy Consultant
Paul Millerd – Think Like A Strategy Consultant
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Paul Millerd – Think Like A Strategy Consultant



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A Four-Week Learning Experience With Difficult Weekly Assignments

Week 1


Module #1 – Consulting Mindset: An overview of basic consulting mindsets, mental models, and the consulting process.


Week 2


MECE Mind: The powerful framework to help you sharpen your thinking _x0001F3AF_ Module #2 –

Module #3 – From Information to Insight: An introduction to the pyramid principle as well as synthesizing and organizing complex data

Consulting services are the task. Mock chief of staff research assignment and MECE assignment


Week 3


_x0001F52C Module #4 – Real World Problem Solving: Breaking down real-world problems into problems that can be solved using MECE, the Pyramid Principle, and hypothesis tools.

Assignment: A real-life Facebook strategy case study using SCQA and problem tress


Week 4


Module #5 – Kick-Ass Presentations: Discover the PowerPoint secrets of strategy consultants, master flow, and grasp how to tailor your message for various audiences.

Module #6 – Beyond Consulting Presentations: Creating Memorable & Persuasive Content: Use cognitive neuroscience and other disciplines to develop memorable messages.

You will be given an incomplete 19-page presentation with missing material as your assignment. Fill in the blanks with missing information, titles, and other content, and create a clear tale based on the lessons.


Weekly Cadence Course Format


The course will follow the following seven-day schedule:


Although you can go at your own pace, the course is planned to be finished in four weeks. You will receive a weekly e-mail that will provide context for the week as well as a proposed timeframe for completing the lectures and tasks.


There are two options: self-paced or VIP 1-on-1 coaching.


Those Who Have Benefitted the Most From This Course:


Existing data-driven knowledge professionals are actively shaping the direction of their companies, solving complicated problems, and delivering executive-level presentations.

Freelancers and entrepreneurs who want to improve their work by learning a foundational set of skills, concepts, and processes that will help them develop insights, stories, and strategies for their clients, as well as communicate more clearly to corporate audiences.

Students who are eager to put their consulting talents to work right away and who want to learn how to work as a consultant rather than merely landing a job (note: if you just want to master case interviews to land a job, this is not the course for you)


Course Objectives


Understand and speak in strategy consultants’ “language.”

Understanding the distinction between a symptom and a problem

Understand how to synthesize a vast amount of complex data, facts, and analyses.

Create a clear, straightforward, and powerful presentation that motivates people to take action.

Have more faith in your capacity to lead and arrange difficult initiatives


What do Sheryl Sandberg, Sundar Pichai, John Legend, Benjamin Netanyahu, Indra Nooyi, Clayton Christensen, Susan Wojicki, and Jeff Immelt have in common, and what do they have in common?


They each spent time at McKinsey, Bain & Company, or Boston Consulting Group early in their careers, in addition to being extremely successful in their respective fields.


Download it right now. Think Like a Strategy Consultant by Paul Millerd


Indra Nooyi, the former CEO of PepsiCo, is shown here.


“I don’t think I could have gotten here without my history as a strategy consultant, which taught me inductive thinking.” It taught me how to think about a problem in micro terms while simultaneously zooming out to put it in the context of its larger environment before zooming back in to fix it.”


While John Legend did not pursue a typical career route after consulting, here is what he had to say about the experience:


“I gained a lot of knowledge.” I met a lot of wonderful people, and I’m still friends with several of them. I believe it simply raises your bar for the type of company you want to work with. And how you work in groups, how you make good judgments as a group, I think all of that benefited me in my job as a musician.”


This Course Contains



25+ talks and over 2 hours of content

MECE, Pyramid Principle, Issue Trees, Problem Solving, Slide Design, Storytelling, PowerPoint, and Persuasion are all covered in simple and easy-to-understand courses.

A fun activity that will help you enhance your ability to synthesize and organise information.

An in-depth case study on Facebook’s transition from desktop to mobile.

An activity to help you produce a full powerpoint deck with a clear narrative and organization.

Several difficult assignments will allow you to put these principles into practice.


Expectations (How to get the most out of this course, from fellow students)


“The best way to get the most out of this course is to take the assignments seriously and complete them before looking at the solution.”


“It may appear “simple” at first, but persist with it. As you progress deeper into the content, the simplicity of the initial couple of modules becomes increasingly valuable.”


“If you’re working on a project at work or planning a large presentation, this course will be timely and really valuable.”


(Optional) Certificate & LinkedIn Credential Upon Completion


+Includes Bonus Content


100+ PowerPoint Template Slides that you’ll Actually Use ($49 Value with Lifetime Updates)

Bonus material: a video on 14 PowerPoint Tips and Tricks

Access to LIVE events such as ex-consultant interviews, Paul’s Q&A sessions, and other specialized events


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20 Minutes With Paul _x0001F4DE_

Your Professor


Millerd, Paul

Millerd, Paul


Paul is a seasoned consultant who has worked for McKinsey and the Boston Consulting Group.


He has over ten years of consulting experience and is passionate with breaking down and sharing the basic principles he acquired in consulting to others. He has assisted in the development of consulting skills training programs for a number of clients, as well as coaching an undergraduate consulting group at the University of Connecticut, where mentorship and training initiatives have helped students land analyst positions at McKinsey, Bain, and BCG. He was a member of the faculty of Boston Consulting Group, where he helped develop material and led global trainings. To discover more about his background and experience, visit LinkedIn or Boundless.


“I highly suggest Paul’s “Think Like a Strategy Consultant Course” to anyone who wants to think more critically about what and how they want to communicate with their audiences. This course is packed with useful tools and case studies that will help you make snappy, interesting, and persuasive presentations. Paul was an exceptional facilitator. He was clear, on time, knowledgable, and courteous. He got everyone in the class involved and gave clear instructions to help participants improve their thinking and communication skills.”


— Amita, Unilever’s Sustainability Leader


This course aided in my promotion! It provides a platform for clearly and concisely communicating complicated business concerns. I’d recommend it because I’d like to see more people learn about M.E.C.E. It’s also something I may suggest to those who work for me or who are attempting to construct business cases in a professional setting. Would give it a ten out of ten!


Sales Manager Andrew


“I learnt to break down difficulties into smaller pieces and thoroughly analyze them thanks to Paul’s training.” Furthermore, case studies were presented and analyzed, which really aided my understanding of the various facets of a consultant’s thinking in problem-solving. The approaches for creating a logical, structured PowerPoint presentation are extremely beneficial in improving one’s presentation skills. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn from a previous consultant or enjoys problem solving!”


– Huy


“This training provided me with practical tools that I can use right away to improve my work.” Key consulting ideas were introduced in a classroom setting and then brought to life through a few weekly interactive group sessions that allowed me to share my work and receive feedback — a terrific format and excellent value. Paul is a passionate and experienced teacher who is always willing to assist!


— Lois, Mastercard Vice President, Humanitarian & Development


“The course material is quite concise, and it clearly draws on Paul’s extensive professional expertise. Overall, StrategyU decodes the riddle of how top-tier strategy firms handle challenges and serves as an excellent stepping stone for students interested in learning more or experienced professionals looking to migrate into this field.”


— Akhila, PhD Candidate


“One of the key reasons I work in consulting is because of the StrategyU strategy toolbox. This course will teach you all you need to know to succeed not only in interviews but also on the job. Every day in my employment at Bain, I refer to the strategy toolkit for anything from comprehending the Pyramid Principle to ensuring that my analysis is MECE.”


Bain & Company consultant Jeff


“Paul’s ability to break down the “secrets” of strategy consulting into easily understandable and accessible concepts was impressive. It made me rethink how I frame conversations with clients and how I think about growing my business as a CEO of a firm. This course was quite helpful in my discussions with my co-founder about how we approach our business.”








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