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Paul Xavier – Earn The Deal
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Paul Xavier – Earn The Deal



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What Does The Earn The DealTM (ETD) Sales Mastery Program Include?
Learn how to use ABSOLUTE CONTROL to convert complete strangers into high-paying clients.

The Foundations Of The World’s Most Effective Ethical Sales System

How to develop and build your own sales system that produces consistent revenues for your company.

We only accept three of the four outcomes of a sales interaction as professionals.

If you believe these 9 sales fallacies, your conversion rate will suffer.


A Successful Sales Conversation Has 5 Phases

Every successful sale follows a sequential process.

There are 11 key sales beliefs that all top performers share.

An in-depth look at how to have an ETD sales conversation.


ETD Sales Guides that can be downloaded

Earn The Deal is a universal sales guide.

Unique Videos

Retainers for Content

Advertising Campaigns

Programs of Mentorship


Creating Your Offer’s Ultimate Earn The Deal Sales Guide

How to come up with your own questions for sales calls

How to practice objection prevention to prepare for negative scenarios


Practice Exercises to Earn The Deal

How to role play effectively in order to build real-world sales skills

For sales talks, find your most dominant, confident, and passionate tonality.


Recordings of ETD Sales Meetings and Team Role Playing

How to position, price, package, and conduct an ETD content retainer sales conversation

How to position, price, package, and execute a commercial ETD sales conversation


Emotional Management

How to immediately recognize when you’re in the midst of a sales slowdown and turn it around

Use our sales monitoring sheet to keep track of your progress.


Answers to Your Questions

How to record, save, and organize your sales calls so you can get feedback and grow.

How can I get paid? (credit cards, bank transfers, checks)

How to get your first client for a new service

How do you sell when your offer’s price is negotiable?

What Does The Program Include?

Video Tutorials with 15 Hours of Value

This program provides you with a complete sales and communication strategy that you can implement in your company to begin converting leads into high-paying clients while maintaining complete control.


Exercises for Developing Skills

This is the first sales program ever to offer seven different practice activities that you can undertake each week to maximize your sales potential. Instead of just watching videos, you’ll be challenged with activities that will help you improve your skills in the shortest time possible. Practice makes perfect, not consumption, as we like to say!



A complimentary one-hour strategy session with one of our World-Class Business Advisors is included with your purchase of the full Earn The DealTM sales program. They will help you leverage your new sales skillset and system to develop wealth.





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