Paul Xavier - Six Figure Live Streamer
Paul Xavier – Six Figure Live Streamer
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Paul Xavier – Six Figure Live Streamer



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I had a completely planned year of events for videography services at the start of 2020…


UNTIL I decided to switch to live broadcasting. Because live streaming is so popular, my company has made $160,000 in the last 12 months. As a content producer, live streaming rescued my career, and I’ve collaborated with Paul Xavier and Anthony Gallo to establish this initiative in the hopes of saving the careers of many other enthusiastic content creators!



We are We run five-figure online courses, mentorship programs, and video advertising companies. In the year 2020, we began developing, marketing, and scaling online courses. Since then, we’ve produced three courses with run rates of 6 and 7 figures within 30 days after launch. We continue to maintain our video production company while also developing the most effective online courses for content creators.


Who Should Take This Course?

You want a proven step-by-step strategy for learning live streaming technology and adding six figures in revenue to their business using live streaming services in the shortest amount of time possible.

You’re ready to put in some effort! When you do, this application works. Youtube is a better place to procrastinate if you plan to invest in the software and work on it whenever you have time.

You’ve decided to leave your COMFORT ZONE. We enjoy the fast pace and sloppy action because that is what it takes to win at Live Streaming. This is the ultimate training for you if you value being able to achieve BIG goals quickly by executing chronological step-by-step action items. Done is better than perfect since it allows you to gain momentum, which you can then utilize to reinvest in your live streaming services to earn more money.





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