Pedro Adao - 100X Accelerator
Pedro Adao – 100X Accelerator
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Pedro Adao – 100X Accelerator



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100X Accelerator Is A 12-Month Membership Into The #1 Community and Training Program For Kingdom Entrepreneurs In The World!

Do You Want To Take Years And Potentially Decades Off Your Learning Curve?

Would You Like To Save Yourself Potentially Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars In Wasted Time and Mistakes?

I Made All The Mistakes On My Journey Into Prosperity As A Kingdom Entrepreneur So You Dont Have To…

If You Want The Fast-Track To Unlocking Financial Abundance and Prosperity as A Kingdom Entrepreneur…

All While Being Part Of The Most Incredible Family Of Like-Minded People From All Over The World…

Then Acceleration Is For YOU!

Join Pedro, other 100X Trainers and, Guest Speakers for live training sessions 2-3 times per week and learn invaluable kingdom principles, entrepreneurship skills, and best in class marketing training.

Everything we’ve done to build and scale our movement is part of what you’re about to experience. Our 6 Stake Framework is divided into the Inner and Outer game. We are the only movement with an emphasis on Kingdom Entrepreneurship and our culture is woven with the prophetic and heart healing.

If you listen to and apply the training in this course, your life and your business will never be the same.

What You Will Learn

  1. START HERE – What is a Kingdom Entrepreneur
  2. Stake 1 – Healed Heart
  3. Stake 2 – Renewed Mind
  4. Stake 3 – Kingdom Revelation
  5. Stake 4 – Field of Favor
  6. Stake 5 – Kingdom Solution or Offer
  7. Stake 6 – Acceleration & Amplify with Sales & Marketing
  8. Breakthroughs – Social Proof
  • 7 Days of Facebook Ads Mastery For Kingdom Entrepreneurs 2021
  • Prophetic Processing with Dan McCollam
  • How To Turn A Book Into A Highly Profitable and Fulfilling Offer To Your Ideal Who
  • How To Influence And Sell Without Ever Having To Be Pushy Or Manipulative
  • Step-by-Step Video Training To Find Your Voice and Launch a Professional Podcast
  • 7-Figure Challenge SECRETS
  • Challenge Course Training – 1 Day Launch
  • Grow With Video by Sean Cannell
  • Power of Positioning with Jason Fladlien
  • 8 18 Kingdom Finance Challenge
  • 4 14 Challenge Breakdown
  • The Procrastination Killer November 2019
  • The Procrastination Killer December 2019
  • The Procrastination Killer January 2020


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