Peggy McColl - The Author Starter Kit
Peggy McColl – The Author Starter Kit
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Peggy McColl – The Author Starter Kit



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Peggy McColl has been publishing books for more than 20 years and she knows what it takes to get started. Her new guide The Author Starter Kit, is a comprehensive resource that covers everything from choosing your genre to self-publishing best practices so you can be successful in the competitive book market. In between those topics are sections on how much money one might expect as an advance, whether or not they should hire professional editors before submitting their work for publication, and how many copies of their novel someone will need to sell per month if they want royalties making any difference at all in paying off student loans!
Might sound daunting but even with Peggy’s expertise there still seem like some gaps–perhaps her next project could focus on editing?

Peggy McColl is a professional author and she has six books to her credit. In this workshop, Peggy will share with you the secrets of how to start writing your own book in minutes! She’ll show you what tools are needed for an awesome creative space as well as teach us about pre-writing techniques that can be used any time or place–especially if we’re on vacation!

In just five weeks, I wrote my first novel from idea conception all the way through editing. On day four I was already outlining it – even though at that point in time there were only two words written down: “Chapter One.” What did happen? Why didn’t I get stuck? It’s because these methods work so darn quickly!”

Peggy McColl – The Author Starter Kit
You’ve always wanted to write a book, but have no idea where to start. This is the perfect guide for you! Inside of this pocket-sized kit are all the tools and resources needed in order to get your story down on paper (or screen). It includes topics such as plotting, character creation, setting construction and much more. Peggy has created this starter pack with both seasoned writers and novice ones in mind so that they may find their way into writing without feeling overwhelmed by what it entails or intimidated by others who know more about it than them.; “The author’s first step should be determining why she wants to become an author.”

Peggy McColl is the author of “The Author Starter Kit” and she has been teaching creative writing for over thirty years. Her book provides a comprehensive manual on how to start, develop, write pieces in different genres, submit manuscripts or articles for publication among other literary topics that all aspiring authors should know about.

This article includes an overview of Peggy’s life as well what inspired her to become a writer which was after reading Gone With The Wind when she was eight-years old which ignited her love affair with books and mystery novels ever since then. It also discusses who influenced Carol Higgins Clark one of America’s most famous female crime writers today especially known for being best friends with Mary Higgins Clark – both daughters were born

A lot of people start out with the best intentions, but then their world becomes cluttered by work and kids. It’s easy to feel like you’re not good enough for anything outside your day-to-day life because it all just feels too hard or daunting. The Author Starter Kit will help you find that part of yourself again through creativity – from storyboarding an idea on coffee cups in a cafe to filling up notebooks with sketches for future books!


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